Ready or Not... SWAT style game coming

It’s still a long way off, I could be dead by Q4 2020… but anyway it looks to be awesome, but I’ve been let down before… can only hope I guess.


Oh how I would love a modern SWAT FPS again…


Very cool and realistic tactics…

Reminded me of a demonstration by the Hampton Police’s SWAT for the Citizen’s Police Academy, Class of 2016.

Spiritual successor to SWAT 4? I’m in if it can be as good as that with modern graphics.

And without the arbitrary judging that you should have been able to arrest the guy shooting at you, of course.

Is this Unreal 4 engined or something else? I can’t find that…

And without the arbitrary judging that you should have been able to arrest the guy shooting at you, of course.

That was when I learned to mod SWAT 4 to get rid of that. Made the game much more playable.

I like the trailer. Completely realistic, no. However, I don’t want to go back to sitting on perimeter for 12 hours in the blazing sun, or freezing my butt off all night in the winter. Even virtually.

Long time lurker, first time poster …

This does look awesome! The CQB aspect looks like a perfect fit for VR too. I hope they implement VR.

I’m on cloud 9 right now in terms of VR shooters with a title called Contractors …

Ya, cheesy title but the realistic representation and “physical” manipulation of firearms and weapons is excellent … I think even better than another VR tac shooter called Onward.

Anyway, I think Contractors shows you what can be done well in VR and hopefully with Ready or Not for the year 2020!? :slight_smile: Point and click tac shooters are still ok in my book but having to learn how to effectively manipulate weapons in VR adds a WHOLE new level of tactics and fun. Like, imagine being able to “actually” tap the shoulder of the guy in front of you in the stack and him being able to “feel” it? (like a long vibration in both controllers or something)


Welcome to Mudspike @Hunter :mudspike:

Yes welcome. The game looks good but I still need those pesky controllers

Nice find and welcome Mudspike, @Hunter!

I’m glad they finally had an alpha release date. Thought this was vaporware for a while.

Pesky?! They’re currently the other half of the equation in VR IMO. They feel like gun grips in shooters! I was even thinking about buying/fabricating a gun stock for them but completely unnecessary in my case. Super steady aim without it. You just have to work on keeping your trigger hand/shoulder steady as a foundation for pulling up your scope/iron sight effectively.

They feel great as a stick and throttle in VTOL VR too!

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After looking through the screen shots, why is it so hard for artists to rig the model for shooting around the shield. If you can’t see the sights, you can’t shoot the pistol. I have yet to see a game where they have the hand wrapped around to where the sights would actually be visible. A little thing I know, but annoying to me.

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