Real Hornet Pilots Fly Together in DCS

Real Hornet Pilots Fly Together in DCS: F/A-18 (using VR) | Mover vs Gonky



I’m glad Mover tried it in VR this time, as I saw the first one where he was using the hat switch on the joystick to look around (didn’t like TrackIR apparently) and it was a bit painful to watch.

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But, but… VR just isn’t ready yet! :wink:

It was well worth watching and I liked the honest assessment of VR (both pros and cons).

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He had some interesting comments about the feel of the controls, in that with no feedback it was hard to be precise like in real life. I love the XP11 VR style interaction, with the ability to use the entire cockpit without a physical stick, but then I really think we’ve gone backwards in terms of where we were with force feedback (helos especially, with that old MS Sidewinder 2).

I think a new generation of force feedback stick/throttle (now that that stupid patent troll stuff is hopefully expiring) plus some sort of hand sensor (leap motion maybe) for free button ‘VR pushing’, and then also the next gen resolutions will be our nirvana. It’s cool because I don’t think any of these are huge leaps, just a slow evolution of what we have now.


Yeah the input problem was one of the things I noticed when I tried VR at a friend’s place two weeks ago. He has a Rift and the controllers are pretty precise, but…
We flew the TF-51 and it wasn’t exactly easy or intuitive to press/turn some of the switches and levers because the cockpit is small and you don’t have the space to point at some of the switches easily.


Btw I am now watching all of Mover’s videos.
Pretty cool stuff on there, very interesting.

I like how Wags commented on one of his videos (the low level flying one). That’s what developers should do, go and look at the real stuff and ask questions.

Also interesting to see in that video how much the turbulence around the hills affects an airplane flying 500 knots at 250 feet.
Thermals and turbulence around hills can be immense, you see Mover being thrown around in his seat. A really bumpy ride.

Unfortunately that is not modelled at all in DCSW. It is very smooth there. I think it would contribute to immersion a lot if it was modelled. In fact it just went up in my wish list two notches. I hope Wags agrees with me there after watching that video.

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