Real or fake?

Real or fake? It looks pretty convincing but in these days of photoshopped viral videos you can’t always tell.

Also, ballsy or stupid (or both)?


I think it’s real. Remember seeing that many years ago.


Me too. Pretty sure it is real.

Yeah…real…pretty sure the 1980s…based on the car and the haircut / mustache (because I had a similar haircut and mustache back then.)

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I too, am pretty sure thats real. Cannot recall where I first seen that, but its been around a long time.

Looks familiar, as in Before the Internet.

Happened in 1985.

In a feat that resembled some of their practiced air show stunts, Scott Gordon and Jim Moser found their biggest audience by creatively solving a potentially tragic problem.

It was in 1985 that Gordon made a spectacular landing with the aid of Moser and two mechanics who helped free part of a stuck landing gear from a speeding car while the plane was flying 10 feet off the ground.

St. Augustine photojournalist Phil Whitley captured the event on film, and because of it, people all over the world saw the images in their newspapers and on their television sets.

“It put St. Augustine on the map,” Whitley said. “Everybody has used it [the footage] and used it. I’m still selling stuff.”
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Ehhhh…and now I’m thinking it is a fake…if you zoom in and look closely…