Rebel Galaxy Outlaw, something to look forward to

Check what the guy does at the 42nd minute. I want that for DCS.


Oh yes!! :smile:

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Just think @Troll, if thay can make the physical model big enough, you could have a full size Viggen to pop your SimBox NG into…just park it in the driveway. Guest room restrictions free!

…and for @Bogusheadbox, you could take the DCS F-111 and…oh wait…no DCS-F-111…my bad. :sunglasses:


Luckily they went with the better choice and did the A6



If that fist is being thrown at that guy, it is one sloppy weaksauce punch. A good stiff jab has the knuckles in a more horizontal orientation.

Seems to me the attacker is trying to punch above his weight…

Give me a 3D printer, large enough, and I will print the world.

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