Received my new HOTAS


Looking forward to the F-14 Tomcat this weekend :slight_smile:



I had both that joystick and fleet defender. Ah memories


Holy crap, my grandfather had one of those! Using that to fly against the Red Baron in the original MS Flight Simulator was my gateway drug.


I had a very similar joystick back in the day, I think it was this one:

Edit: link not working, uploaded it.


Hey, don’t use that turbofire button - instaban…


Funny to think that joystick is about ten to twenty years newer technology than the tomcat himself.


“For professional players” – 0/10, would not buy janky kid-game stick without “for professional simulators” on it. Fail.


My first PC stick was QuickShot 2:

Later I upgraded to Gravis Thunderbird (Not my pictures)

I still have the Thunderbird with its Gameport connector, even bought Gameport to USB converter so I could use it on old games. It still works fine after 20+ years!

But even before that I used two sticks from Quickjoy for my Amiga 500. The first one:

and the second Top Star, was really sturdy and had a cool transparent base:


Oooh the quick shot 2!
I also had that one!

In fact I had two, I broke one of them playing Wing Commander. :smile:


Still using the Microsoft joystick I bought twenty? years ago.



Oh my goodness! I haven’t seen one of those in years! My neighbour gifted me one when I was a boy. He said it was rubbish but it was fantastic. I had it for a long time and it eventually broke playing x wing vs tie fighter online one night and the sound of the spring inside snapping made such a noise it woke my mum up and got me a right telling off


My first joystick was this:

Used to own C64 “Project stealth fighter” with it!


joystick mine was a carryover from the old atari 2600 for my zx spectrum … good god imagine having just one fire button now days


I played HOURS of Star Wars with that joystick. That and good old Tank Pong. :smile: