Recent Purchases and preorders

I have just ordered a fair number of upgrades and addons for my system.
I basically blame you guys for this! It’s all your faults!
Naah I am looking very much forward to getting all of this stuff, so thank you for the inspirations

Preorder (EA = Expected Arrival at Vendor/Producer)
HP Reverb G2 EA 16/1-21 5199kr 859$
Asus RTX 3070 Dual OC EA 6/2-21 4590kr 759$
PointCRTL with extras EA 5/3-21 1500kr 248$

BoughtResearch price
CPU I7 7700K 2219kr 367$ (Research price 496-645$)
Arctic MX-4 Thermal compound 8g 62kr 11$
2x LogiLink - USB 2.0 Fast Charge hub 468kr 78$
Logitech G29 1888kr 312$
TM MFD Couger 680kr 113$
4x4 Ansmann AA 1,6V Ni-Zn Battteries 510kr 85$
2x Ansmann AA/AAA Ni-Zn charger 578kr 96$
(Batteries are for the HP Reverb G2 controllers)

Transparent Orange Acrylic plates for my 3D printer/lasercutter box
and Grey/White and Black/White 1200x600mm ABS sheets for buttonbox projects.
1037kr 172$

Happy Simming


I just picked up the first bits today.

I will wait until I get the USB hubs before I do anything about it as I have to pull the PC out of its slot to plug them in.

They should arrive on monday 4/1-2021.

Happy Simming


just a question, why you decided for that i7 7700K ? thats quite old model of CPU, isnt it? it isnt available for sale here localy anymore.
I am interested as I have the same socket 1151 with i7 9700F and from the yt videos and stuff I got the impression that there isnt anything that dramatically better available.


It is the top model of what my gen 6/7 mainboard supports.

It is a planned update as I could only afford a I5 7500 when I build the system for my tax return in the beginning of the year. As I dabble in video editing and 3D modeling I also wanted 32GB ram to start with and have later added another 32GB.

If I had gone for a gen 8/9 board at the time I could have gotten either ram or CPU but not both.

Happy Simming