Recommendations for Netflix, Amazon et al

Hey gang I looked to see if there was already a thread for TV and movies couldn’t find one so here we are
I have just started the new Kiefer Sutherland offering

3 episodes in and its looking good.

Also I loved Marco Polo

Whilst on Amazon the series based on the Harry Bosch books by Micheal Connolly is excellent, its not quite true to the books in that there is no chronological order of shows compared to the books but well worth a view

The books are also very good, its the same guy that wrote the Lincoln Lawyer which was made into a movie with Matthew McConaughey

Look forward to seeing your suggestions for binge TV shows :slight_smile:

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I lately watched the first season of Blindspot on Amazon.
It might not be the best show ever but I enjoyed it and it was far from boring at least.

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Designated survivor is awsome i just love it ! still got to watch the season last episode.

i did like Narcos, Stranger Things and lots more.

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I’ve also been watching Designated Survivor. I like it a lot.
House of Cards is also a great politics show.
I also liked Narcos, Marco Polo, The Musketeers, Black Sails and The Crown.

The Americans, about integrated KGB agents during the 80-ies is also very good.

I’m about to start on the miniseries Hatfields & McCoys.

I can also recommend the movie The Siege of Jadotville, about Irish Peacekeepers in Congo.

I just realised that I watch a lot of Netflix when I’m on a stop over… :smile:

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The Last Kingdom. Based on the books by Bernard Cornwell.

I’ll post some more. I go through a lot of shows on my commute (many garbage but good time wasters… The above is good don’t worry). Will check my previously watched for things not already mentioned.

The Crown and Black Sails are def good.

Hatfields & McCoys is well made loved it … :slight_smile:

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Great idea for a thread.

Don’t miss Patriot on Amazon streaming. Smartly written black comedy about a company hit man with personal issues concerning his assignments, that he anguishes via guitar during open mic night. Really great.

Also very much enjoyed House of Cards, Narcos, Stranger Things, Humans, The Crown, Turn, and The Americans. And of course the mother of all series, Game of Thrones.

oh man, forgot Turn. That’s pretty good too, though it drags at times.

Also watching “Life in Pieces” right now. Not quite as good as “Modern Family” but pretty fun.

Probably already seen most of it, but Homeland is good.

Black Mirror is… weird. There’s zero continuity to it, each episode is a standalone unrelated to the other, and it basically explores the darkness that is humanity, just in the future. I didn’t dislike it, and oddly felt compelled to finish it, but I wouldn’t say it was great. YMMV. Relatively few episodes though, which I guess helped in finishing it.

All of Star Trek TNG, Voyager and DS9 are on there, if that’s your thing.

Siege of Jadotville was already mentioned, I can also add Sandcastle and Kilo Two Bravo (gore warning in this one for those who don’t like that).