Recruiting Pilots for Virtual Squadron training in F-14 Tomcat

The “Black Knights” are a U.S.-based virtual squadron that has been flying co-op multiplayer missions in combat flight sims for over 15 years. We’re a group of dedicated virtual and real-world pilots who enjoy the teamwork and fellowship that accompanies flying cooperative PvE missions together. Our squadron specializes in Air-to-Ground and multi-role missions, offering a variety of fixed and rotary wing aircraft to choose from.

Squadron members design our own elaborate missions and campaigns in-house, offering something unique and new to fly every week. Unlike repetitive or canned missions hosted on 24/7 servers, our missions feature backstories, online and pre-flight mission briefings, and realistic depictions of historical battles as well as fictional ‘what if’ scenarios. If you are looking for a structured multiplayer mission experience that goes beyond what single-player can offer, this is it!

Having recently completed a tour of duty in the AV-8B, the “Black Knights” are preparing to undergo familiarization training in the F-14 Tomcat… offering an opportunity to fly as a PILOT or RIO in our co-op format. We are now accepting pilot candidate applications to fill a limited number of openings in the squadron for our F-14 FAM training.

Candidates must be willing and able to commit on a regular basis to participating once a week on Monday nights, from 20:00 – 23:30 Central Time with the squadron. Candidates who successfully complete the FAM and demonstrate a commitment to the squadron will be winged and offered full membership.

For more information on how to join the Black Knights, please visit our website:

CO Black Knights


That sounds like the way to go. I love the F-14 but has proven impossible to find a RIO online. It has also been just as impossible to find a pilot willing to take me on as a RIO. (I showered and everything!) The F-14 is rendered pretty useless online without two (competent) humans.

The problem for me has always been my inability to commit to any specific days or nights. My schedule is too erratic. Otherwise I would be on this like white on rice.


Read the fine print on “Sex Panther” first; that might be part of your problem.


I tried to connect a couple of times but the ping on hollopoint was too high. Happy to try hosting for you to practise your Rio skillz


Thanks @Cib! Busy week. But I’ll keep an eye out for you. Very nice offer.

I’ve discovered that AT&T has apparently changed “something” with regards to my internet service, as it’s now running at about a quarter of what I signed up for, meaning that for the moment online gaming is impossible, until I can either threaten them into undoing the “something,” or bite the bullet and go back to the other service provider. Provided I can talk them down to a decent rate.

Gotta say, I love the squadron seal there. “None shall pass!”


We are still accepting applications. After May 20, the recruitment period will close and the F-14 Tomcat FAM will begin. Visit our website to submit an application.

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We are once again accepting applications. It’s not too late to join the fun flying the F-14 Tomcat, AV-8B, or any other DCS module! Come check us out. Visit our website to submit an application.