Red Dead...ONLINE! Nooo

NOOO! Rock Star Games registers Red Dead Online … Just a guess, no facts, but not what most of us wanted. Online only? DLC with stupid clown skins? Dammit!


Pretty much every GTA-V video I’ve seen ever. Spot on.

Guess I was wrong…

It’s official RDR2 in Fall of 2017!

Trailer tomorrow.


Yay! * __ *

XBONE and PS4 only eh? Heavy sigh.

Blah blah, piracy, I wonder how much they get paid to delay that release to incentivize buying a console.

I think they’ve found that most people will buy it twice, once for console and then again for PC 6 months later. It’s not Microsoft or Sony giving them money, but just making games good enough to be rewarded/hostaged like that.

There is an extra dev/QA/support cost for the PC version, but given how well GTA V sold on PC (and continues to sell) then it is mainly about getting that extra double cash. On one hand I’m annoyed as I would want it on the PC first, but on the other I can see exactly why they do this. :frowning:

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RED DEAD REDEMPTION 2 Coming Fall 2017.

I never finished the first one though.



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Loved the original, looking forward to the next one.


Im excited but guarded on this. I loved RDR and can’t wait for a current gen sequel but after GTA 5 im a little skeptical. GTA 5 was great had a awesome single player story but it was short and they never did anything with it after release. Rockstar said screw single player lets focus on online. Hopefully they will be able to find a better harmony between single and online in RDR 2.

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The first one is well worth it, @Sryan. The ending to the story makes the whole game that much more meaningful.

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I heard the first one is coming to pc too, but only in the form of some sort of streaming service that allows you to play several PS3 titles.

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This what you are talking about?

Yeah I think so