Red Dead Redemption 2 (sorta AAR)

Been wild westin’ it up this evening. I don’t want to spoil the story for anyone who hasn’t played, so this is mostly going to be a screenshot thread with no spoilers, and some random commentary.

Mostly tonight has been weathering winter, killing some rivals, a bit of hunting, and moving on once the snow has faded. Only a couple screenshots, I’ll try and take more as I go.

Very much enjoying this game. Can see why it got such high ratings.

ffs. Rockstar has decided taking pictures shouldn’t be simple. Need to figure out how to actually make these usable. Will post when I can. Game is great though!


How big is the Download, I heard 200gb.

112gb for me.

So GTA V set in the Wild West? I might enjoy that.

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RDR2 sure looks like fun!
I loved GTA 4&5 and a Western theme would probably be even better.
There are rumors of VR support, for the PC version…

Wow, getting screenshots is a PITA in this game. Let’s see if this works.


I pulled the proverbial trigger on this. Thanks a bunch @Rhinosaurus ! :rofl:

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Bout time someone got you :wink:

just playing some poker. Really gotta figure how to take screenshots lol So much eye candy!

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I guess that is fair :wink: .

@PaulRix, is it possible to play this in VR on the oculus desktop?

I’ll give it a try when it finishes downloading. This has to be the biggest game download ever. I’m at 82Gb right now. Hopefully I will be able to play with it a bit later today.

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I see a few of y’all are getting into RDR 2 now. I finished it on a console last year, and all I can say is the game is great. The story is excellent, the graphics are amazing (even on Xbox), and the robbing/hunting/fishing/treasure hunting activities never feel like a chore. Really enjoyed the game.

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Have it on PS4 and love it. Almost finished the story and it’s been a ride and a half.

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