Red Dead Redemption 2

“Hey, it’s me your cowboy cousin!”

Not on PC until they’ve milked the console teat dry, but it’s looking great.


I absolutely adore RDR and it’s masterful send up to the western in all of it’s different forms. That said GTA V like a pretty huge let down compared to IV. I hope this isn’t more of that back sliding.


Single character, movable hub, the ‘Bully’ fighting system this time around, so it stands a good chance. The landscapes look so nice. RDR1 was a great wander around game.

I wonder what the RDR2 multiplayer features will be. Posse up!


Man I hoped RDR would be released on PC. It never was. I don’t like RPGs on consoles.



Red Dead Revolver was one of my favorite western games. I didn’t pickup redemption, I might need to remedy that.

Always wanted to play the first but no pc = no play for me.

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Role Playing Games?

Yeah, thanks, I know… it’s not that.
I always thought RDR hardly an RPG. Wouldn’t it be more of an Open world action game?

Well, I couldn’t play it so I don’t know. :smiley:
But from videos and so on I would probably have called it an “Open World Action RPG” because you can gather and sell stuff, and isn’t there a honor/reputation system?

…well, I guess GTA would be an RPG as well then, so fair point. I should probably call it “Action game with a few RPG elements” then. :smiley:

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No worries, I was suddenly not sure what we were talking about.

I’ll be getting it on PS4 but slightly worried that it will be mainly online as gta online seems to be very lucrative for R*. Just doesn’t float my boat though but the single player hopefully will be good and robust enough on its own.


Any console types out there? How is it?

Playing it on Xbox One (console I got the week XBO launched still going strong!), and I’ll simply say: Believe the hype.

Very immersive, lots of stuff to do, and incredibly polished.

I’m also amazed at how well it runs and looks on my ‘legacy’ Xbox One (opposed to an XBO-S). I was concerned I’d get lots of frame rate issues (eg., sometimes forza horizon 4 would bog).

I’ll still likely buy on PC when it goes that route as well, but I think this is a perfect “couch and controller” game.

Do note, the game does often force you to take it slow; it wants you to (literally) walk, opposed to sprinting, and sort of soak it all in. I have a feeling the crowd here, generally possessing the patience the sim genre requires, will take to this well.


Thanks! Life and work are getting in the way so this may need to wait until January for me.