RED FLAG - F-5E vs MIG 21 18/3/17


Nice job on the last mission @esonub. Getting both the BMPs and an A2A kill must have felt good.

Thanks bud … was nerve racking … i was hyped to get my mark on the AO and trying to stay alive as i do so as it only one life so if i would get shot down im out of the mission :slight_smile:

Super tense, especially that last flight!! Great video, nicely cut.
The “dead is dead” really adds to the cautiousness, creates a more realistic atmosphere.

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Thanks @Freak for the comment :slight_smile: , the “Dead is Dead” AKA “YOLO” is really tense as you said, i hope that we will have more tournaments like that all over the DCS World Communities, as it connects you with pilots you don’t know, gets you better in communications and above all TEAMWORK.

I guess when comparing to the real world Air Forces around the world who combine there forces together such as blueflag or redflag really gets them better as i feel a better pilot after that event.
I think maybe we in mudspike community can do the same one day would love to see that happening :slight_smile:

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