Reentry - new simulator...

This looks really cool. I might let it mature a bit before I hop on and give it a whirl.


Oh man, sim button fetish tingling…

Gemini full level sim. Very interested!


In progress manuals here:

The one man Dev also intends to do the full Apollo Command Module as well. Cool!


Yeah…the initial reviews are very good from enthusiasts. I could see how it would be fun doing some docking and moon landing stuff. I’m probably going to give Apollo 11 VR a whirl with that Viveport subscription…

Wow…those are some sweet looking manuals… No wonder the history buffs are giving him high praise on the Steam reviews.

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Definitely worth a look, I really enjoyed it. The cabins looked amazing in VR but not many buttons to press. I still got pretty emotional on my first landing though - the audio with Buzz’s callouts and real NASA comms made it amazing.

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File this one away in the deep memory banks…


At the start of every scenario…


VR compatible?

Does anyone remember Microsoft’s Space Simulator? It was way ahead of its time I thought. I would love a full real Lunar and Command module sim in VR.


Wow that looks pretty incredible.

Is this VR? Are you guys talking about VR things again? :slight_smile:

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It didn’t specifically say so…so I’m not sure…


Oh dear I have to tell my brother about that.
He is an even bigger space fan than I am.
VR would be awesome.

That looks very cool! Thanks for posting this link @BeachAV8R!

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Well that might be the easiest $17 I’ve ever spent. Shame I won’t get to play it while on holiday travel…


What do you know, then? :wink:

I asked on their facebook page, and got this reply:

That is my plan. It worked when I treid a year ago, but the UI and input needs to be changed so it’s a lot of work. I’m a bing fan of VR so my goal is to have support for it, just need to understand how I would add it that makes sense. Also the motion controllers. :slight_smile:


The authors gameplay videos give a good idea of the detail:

A Mercury launch with real audio track looks simpler. So cool!


The 3.0 update is out. The new Lunar Module has been added. Looks fairly complex of course:

For a one-man dev effort, this project is great.


I can’t wait for the part where the creature pops up in the window of the LEM a few minutes after touchdown. Scary stuff.

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