Referral Links & Ads Policy

The Mudspike Tribal Elders had a chat and we came up with this:

  • If you use a referral link, please state that it is one clearly beforehand in the post. That seems fair.

  • Please don’t post them a lot, i.e. more than one a month or something, just be sensible with them.

  • Up to now no-one has done anything wrong, as we’ve not really had to think about this before and we probably should have.

There’s nothing in the rules or anything about this, as it doesn’t come up often. We have had members post ‘ads’ for stuff, so we’re trying to be consistent. @BeachAV8R is probably off flying a plane or something, so we probably need to chat more as well (or let us know what you think with a msg to @staff please).

Cheers! :beer:


Do referals towards petitions for an f-111 count, cause thats gotta be spammed everywhere !


Just start a crowdfunding page for the F-111. Donate to the developer who commits to making it.

Kickstarter is a great way to get modules into DCS.

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I believe I used the term “Blatant Plug” when I inserted a referral link to FS Widgets…however, I placed it immediately after the link…my bad… I would have placed it beforehand but it would have broken up the rhythm of the sentence. :sunglasses:

I’d hit that.