Reflected Simulations: Fortress Europe

The RS WW2 hits keep on coming. Downloading it now to throw on a DS.
Pwd: harriervskyhawk

Hey everyone, Reflected here. Today I’d like to introduce ‘Fortress Europe’ an epic PvP/ PvE WWII multiplayer mission I’m releasing for DCS world. I was inspired by those terrific missions Philstyle is running on his Storm of War server, so I decided to create something like that, but using the Channel map, and beefed up with some of my own ideas.

Update: with the 29 Sept 2021 DCS open beta patch, load times on my DS went from 5+ minutes to less than a minute.


I tried it a few times. I love the concept but man… the loading time is so excruciatingly long compared to other missions!

Loading on the server takes a while, but connecting to the server once it’s up didn’t seem to take too long. I’ll add server name and pwd in OP.

Spawned in as a Mustang at Manston. Started up, took off, and remained over the field climbing. I heard on channel A that a raid was forming up over an RV, but I couldn’t find the location on the F10 map. I kept climbing over Manston and after a while saw two 2 FW190s SE of my position. Went over to check them out, slid in behind one and lit him up. Went after the other, and had a short dogfight as he had a bomb that wouldn’t jettison. Headed back to Manston, but had a VR crash when I switched to an external view. Ugh!

Wished I could’ve been there to help! :smiley: Was looking for your server but it didn’t come up on the list.

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I had to drop off and go feed the kids. Try by IP: When I first connected, the pings were really high, which might be mission related, because on the WLAN they were 2-3ms. They’ve settled down a bit, but I’m wondering what they look from the WAN side. I’ll leave it up. Kids are no doubt streaming, but I’m about to collect their iPads for the night muhuhahaha.

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I just downloaded the mission myself. How long will you keep it up on the DS?

It ran for about 8 hours total, and looking at the Tacview logs, it looked like the mission restarted after about 5 hours and 55 minutes. That makes sense based on Reflected’s statements that it should run for around 6 hours. Note that it does take a long time to load, somewhere between 5 and 10 mins. I’ve never watched it to be sure. I just put it back up again and will probably let it run for the day.