Released: Aerofly FS2 F104G Starfighter 1.0.0 FreeWare


From Aerofly user Larrylynx

Cold War era Lockheed Starfighter, 4 liveries and 14 TMD files to suit everyone. VR and 2D, VR Hands ??? I have real ones sorry


Need this in DCS.


YES! and a lightning


I got my son a 1/18th scale F-104. Its the Sexiest aircraft ever made. As far as combat is concerned… Well… I don’t know. I like my aircraft to TURN!


They do turn! DOWN!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I never understood the fascination about that … thing. With all due respect.


Its the raw he-man powah, and the right-stuff vibe.


Missile with a man in it! What’s not to understand? Pure speed. A total one-trick pony designed to get to you before you get to us. Plus, she is totally unforgiving. On this alone the 104 has been my one true jet love since I was a kid. But I get it, Kom. You Italians love curved lines and big…inlets.


Italians actualy likes her, they operated them.
And they designated her F-104S-exy !

Kome, whats wrong with you man !? :stuck_out_tongue:


Haha I do get where @komemiute is coming from - but then the sheer unforgiving deathtrapness of it is kind of awesome. And from memory at least some of the variants had a leading edge so razor sharp it was a hazard for the ground crew. That’s also kind of hilarious.


I’ve actually flown the plane in the sim, and that sharp nose is very obvious when you look forward! I was idly thinking it looked ready to harpoon something…


I would not say no to a Belsimtek F-104 of any kind. The S is nice!


I have one of the the guards they put on them somewhere. If I find it I’ll up load a pic. It looks like pipe lagging🙄


I think for me is just that on a PC we can’t feel any acceleration, the only good thing about that plane…

What’s left is a half-a-trick pony with short legs and little payload.

Eh… Yes, it sort of looks good if you’re into long sharp shapes…
Me? You know me guys… Look a the A-6!
Big shapely flanks, huge round… intakes… Can fit two men…


You know it man! :wink:


Also I did talk a lot with pilots who flown it and , aside the weirdo, we all sort of agreed.
One day, when we meet in the same TeamSpeak channel I’ll tell about this pilot who had to eject on departure/full burn.


I love the look of the Starfighter and I think it would be fun to fly in a simulation, where it cannot kill you for real.
Its mission profile… yeah, maybe a bit boring.
But it still is pretty high on my wish list. Any version would do for me, but I’d prefer a G or later, to be able to keep up with the MiG-21bis.
Maybe one of those sexy Italian versions with Sparrows would be nice as well…

EDIT: @komemiute I normally agree with you a lot, but concerning the 104 I really cannot. I almost shouted “Blasphemy!” when reading your posts. :smile:
I also had the honor to meet some real F-104 pilots and they all agreed that the plane - despite its flaws - was a blast to fly.


Hehehe you have all the rights to have different ideas.
You’re all most definitely not wrong. :slight_smile:
It’s just I’m MORE right! :smile:


The problem with some of you is that you value your lives too much! With fun comes risk :slight_smile:


Yeah, judging by some of your stories I really think flying a Starfighter would have been exactly your kind of thing. :smile: