Remember Freespace?

Well I did’nt.

In the wake of more modern games, I lost track of this classic, but apperently the modders did not!

Gotta dig up that old backup ISO!


Fifteen years ago (or so) I was part of a modding team that created a total conversion based on the FS2 engine.

We created “Wing Commander Saga”. It took ages, but I am still proud of that game. Without such a great free and moddable engine it would never have worked.


Ooh. That’s a classic!

Wing commander is apparently still an area of interest for Freespace 2 modders…


I still have it installed, with all the updatedness etc. I keep it on my PC through windows reinstalls, just in case I want to jump back in. It’s one of those you can just copy to a USB stick or external drive and either play from there or copy as is to your gaming drive and off you go.

PS - I got it from GOG years ago - I think it’s always very cheap there.


fancy a custom campaign or two?

If you use the Knossos launcher/installer, tons of campaigns become one click installs… PUBLIC BETA: Knossos 0.15.0-dev+73b131a (combined launcher/installer)

I remember at some point there was a Battlestar Galactica mod that really piqued my interests but it disappeared on me. Or I forgot it.

There also was an awesome Babylon5 mod. It was pretty hard though.

I was actually the Italian translator for ‘The thin red line’ a Battlestar Galactica mod. I think exactly the one you talk about.

Mostly working on the missions text and voice captions.


Scrolling down the list shows the Battlestar mod and some extras.


Diaspora: Shattered Armistice


I did notice when trying out the FS2 campaign that even with the updated MVP special effects and etc download, textures were a bit lower rez than I expected when doing super-close approaches to some ships/objects. This is removed when you go to options and checkmark the optional higher resolution textures for faster/more-powerful machines…

Don’t know if it’s just me, but when I modded this up and gave it a good go, I found that all I was doing all the time was space combat - and that’s also why I stopped, cos I got bored with doing the same thing repeatedly.

Are there other aspects to it?

Ideally, you’re doing space combat to advance a particular storyline. if the storyline is not interesting or engaging to you, then it’s unlikely the space combat will be either…

It’s interesting that You feel this way, because Ive started to feel the exact same way about games like Star Citizen and even Elite Dangerous where there are so many varied but repetitious things to do that the game loses any sort of focus and you end up almost randomly wandering until you get bored…

As a result, my interest in Squadron 42 and it’s hopefully more structured game play remains, whereas I’ve steadily lost interest in Star Citizen itself.

That’s why I gave up on Elite myself. I couldn’t get into the “Lore” thing, either - RPGs were never my thing. I did easily get my money’s worth out of it, though. For me a lot of their updates and changes were just making the game more tedious, not better. Every time I consider having another go I end up not bothering because I already did several times and it never lasted long cos it was just same old same old. Probably time I uninstalled.