Was going through my email spam folder this morning and there was a Rennsport Beta key! Nearly a year after I signed up. :partying_face: Check your email spam folder if you signed up!

Reference my posts from last year:

March 2023

June 2023 - Beta sign ups begin

Just put in a couple hours. My initial impression is that I really enjoy the way the cars handle. I felt very connected to the road even when the back end is loose and you are seemingly out of control… you’re still in control. The dynamic G-Force visuals in the cockpit raise the immersion when you accelerate, decelerate and turn

The game seems to be geared to online racing like iRacing. I think the initial plan is a free-to-play “base game”, but you buy the cars and tracks as desired.

Here are some random screens of the menu and Audi R8. The replay system is not very intuitive for me to figure out at the moment. 5120x1440 cropped to 2560x1440.

Loading screen

Main Menu


Audi R8 GT3

Road Atlanta pit lane. I figured later out how to adjust the HUD and move the data blocks closer to center (for those with ultra wide monitors). It’s quite easy to do.

Hey, made the “top 20” in the Spa Time trial. Gotta rep the USA. Only 3 seconds off the leader. :upside_down_face: :laughing:



I just signed up.

WRC has proven UE5 can make a great looking racing title, but handling and such are primary.
My Fanatec order has been delayed over a month, finally supposed to ship sometime next week I think :frowning: but I’ve hung up my Logi G27 after a dozen years, I just can’t take it anymore. Hopefully I’ll have the Fanatec by end of the month and then I might look at this.


Just got an email with a closed beta support key!

Cant wait to get home and give it a try.

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Let us know what you think… if you can? (NDA etc…)

There’s no NDA.

As of the current Beta, it’s mostly a multiplayer/online racing sim. I believe it’s going to be like iRacing where the base install is free or very low initial cost and you get X amount of cars and tracks. Anything else will be additional cost and there could be a monthly/yearly membership. It has a ranking system similar to iRacing and other sims that feature online racing (ACC, AMS 2….). I’ve noticed most of the drivers that do participate online are from Europe which would be early afternoon USA so most folks are at work. When I’ve logged on USA evening time, the servers are nearly empty.

There isn’t much single player content other than: a time trial option (which posts your best times against other humans) and the ability to load up a track solo for some hot lapping. There is no career/championship mode that pits you against AI.

Aside from the single and multiplayer aspects, the driving experience is solid and comparable to any top title out there. Like most racing sims, a wheel and pedal setup is highly recommended to get the most out of it.

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Rennsport now in Open Beta available to everyone.