Repaint a sim + real aircraft contest

Hope this is ok to post here. But Users of the A2A Simulations Accu-sim C172 Trainer or interested repainters have the chance to create a repaint for simming that will be applied on a real flight school aircraft.

A2A Simulations and Tønsberg Flying club present the C172 livery Competition!

The competition is to create an all new livery for the Accu-sim C172
Trainer simulation make it available and post your link here on the A2A
community forums in this very thread
, along with screen shots. The
winning livery will be applied to a real C172 that the Tønsberg Flying
club has recently purchased and the winner will also receive a $100
coupon for the A2A Simulations store!

So thats the potential to
have your creation flying around Norway helping to teach new flyers in
the real world and for two new Accu-sim simulations for your simulation!

The competition runs from the 13th July to the 27th July. The winner will be chosen by the Flying Club!

-Don’t over do it (keep it relatively simple).
logo is blue and yellow, so feel free to change the colors of the logo
as needed if required. (We don’t want the aircraft to look “too Swedish”
as this is a Norwegian flying club (the Swedish flag is blue and
-Max 2 repaints per person

further details and links to the contest pack + paintkit here;


Looks great! Too bad I have zero artistic ability :(.

Looking forward to seeing the results.