"Republic" Campaign for DCS: Black Shark 2

Just saw it now!

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Images looking very good and all. Let’s see if it’s any fun.

I’ve just started putting a concerted effort into really mastering the Shark, so I’d be interested to give this a whirl. Let me know how it is if you pick it up.

I could have helped beta test this - but my other mix of obligations has forced me to prioritize some stuff. But now that it’s out…I might have to find a way to sink some time into it…since the Ka-50 IS the best module for DCS…



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well, the trailer is up!

bit of an eyestrain it seems to be shot in 1.2 :slight_smile: Looks like it was made by someone with a lot of passion for the product, but maybe not the matching skillset, or enough time :no_mouth: I know beach8 and others made a nice but honest and critical review of the enemy within so I’m looking forward to reading those before buying

Dzen from ED did a Black Shark 1 campaign called ‘Republic’ in 2009. Maybe this is an updated version of that?

Did anybody fly this campaign? Considering buying this to get someone back into DCS, but I’m not sure if it’s better/easier than the included Ka-50 campaigns.

Any ideas or reviews?

Edit: nvm, after some research it turns out he’s not interested in more DCS stuff :cry:

Until they release an f111 of course :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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FWIW, the built-in “deployment” campaign is good and has a nice difficulty curve.

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