Requesting a Land Combat Teamspeak Channel

Just a general hangout … something like Hangar Flying but for us groundhogs. :slight_smile:

It could be done :kissing: :musical_score:

I was gonna call it Barracks Humping, but that sounds diiiiiirty

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Something along those lines. :slight_smile:

Maybe a reorg of the TS hierarchy and group Arma, Squad and Insurgency under a Land Combat group just like we have Asseto Corsa under Racing.

I’m gonna leave that to command decision of @fearlessfrog.

Um, I think Teamspeak was all @EinsteinEP. I lack the splines to reticulate, although I think @Fridge might be a dab hand at it.

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There’s actually a blank subgroup under IL2. What’s that for? Also, what’s Lounge for?

I think it’s time to clean up Mudspike TS3. :slight_smile:

The blank thing is sort of ARMA integration thing, if I remember correctly. The Lounge tied to level 3 users on here, but no-one uses it, you’re not missing out.

Hang on, trying to create a Land Combat thing in TS3.

I have no permissions in the TS server :slight_smile:

I have permissions but no knowledge. I’ll see you there. Making a mic out of some tin foil and a wire on this laptop, 2 secs :slight_smile:


That tin foil and wire works well! :slight_smile:

My probably lame opinion … make a Hangar group and then group all the flight sims under that and make a Barracks group and group all the land combat sims under that.

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I’ll defer to @near_blind :slight_smile: as I’m seldom in there. If you can convince him it’s worth doing reverse latin-8859-1 or Dewey Decimal then go for it. :running_man:

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That’ll work! Now to fill those channels with more players! :slight_smile:

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