Resizeable BAR

Anyone tried it yet ?

A friend of mine claims this gives him 10 fps more.

Not very scientific or trustworthy, I know. But if it’s placebo, then it’s a strong one. :wink:

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Resize bar also requires game support to have any positive impact. For DCS this means you will have to manually enable it using NVInspector. The good news is some people over on the ED forums already tried it and are reporting positive results. I’ll have to give a try.

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came across this vid. any other successful users here?

I use the equivalent on my AMD system. There’s really no reason to not switch it on.

(Disclaimer: Didn’t watch the whole video)

its step-by-step vid for nvidia 3k series cards users with some initial compatibility checks.

probably will do at least the compatibility checks :slight_smile:

It’s a slight improvement. Something to check for, but should be on by default. It was on my box.

Resizable BAR + Smart Access Memory = huge

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Probably will be a fair bit before smart memory access makes its way into applications though, no?

Pretty sure some 3D and 2D suites already use it.