Resolution Upscaling

I think its called upscaling. But anyway, my monitor is 1080p (1920x1080) but I can now upscale the resolution with the new graphics card to 2715 x 1527.

So the question is, do I have to set my monitor to the upscaled resolution of 2715 x 1527 as well as in game. Or just set it in game and it should all be fine?

They way I understand it, the upscaling is internal. The graphics card creates the larger image then downscales it to your native resolution, creating an apparent jump in clarity akin to higher antialiasing.

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You just set the oversampled resolution in the driver (Nvidia etc) and then the game, the monitor stays the same, as I understand it.

ok cool. Wasn’t sure If I needed to change native monitor resolution as its now an option.

Just for anyone wondering with regards to DCS. I have turned off Antialiasing in DCS and use upscaling on my card. Looks good and a decent boost to FPS.

Thanks guys