Retirement from PC Pilot

Just wanted to let everyone know that I am officially retired from writing for PC Pilot magazine. After 13 years, and over 200 reviews, features, or tutorials - I’m ready to hang it up and let some fresh perspectives provide their take on the flight sim world.

The job was always interesting, but demanding in a way that is different than writing for a website. Word count constraints and having to make small images supplement the writing was always a challenge. And I’m a terrible procrastinator, so deadlines always loomed over me because of my own failings.

My editor (Derek Davis) is the best of the best. Not once, in 200+ articles, did he ever question content or try to guide my opinions or conclusions. I was also fortunate in that developers remained respectful through my praise or criticism (except for ONE person - but I’m not naming names).

My favorite articles were undoubtedly the “Challenging Airports” series…which ran non-stop in every issue for ten years. The research for those articles led me to have awesome conversations and e-mail exchanges with pilots from all across the globe. From a LtCdr. that flew C-130s to Antarctica to Dash 7 pilots flying into Courchevel to our very own @Scoop giving me the lowdown on the awful weather along the Irish coast - they provided me with local knowledge, stories, operational details, and photographs that helped bring the airports to life for our readers.

I enjoyed interacting with and learning from my other PC Pilot writers and contributors - some have come and gone over my 13 years - but all were hard working and always tried to “get it right”. They are all top notch researchers and authors and I will miss them. I plan to continue subscribing because the insights they offer come from years of experience and I trust their evaluations…and I enjoy having a paper copy in my hands. I wish them all the best.

And what does this mean for Mudspike? Well, it is my hope that I can be more attentive to the main site ( and gin up more content with the same eye toward accuracy, but without the constraints of space or time. We will remain free of developer pressure, the site will remain free, and we will not accept advertising. This is my hobby, not a business. Another side benefit is being able to spend more time with my family as my kids grow up faster than my heart can stand. The pages of the calendar peel back at a frightening pace.

Here’s to the future. :beers:

Chris “BeachAV8R” Frishmuth


There were times when I read the PC Pilot cover-to-cover :grinning: (before kids when the time was a less scarce commodity).

When I found Mudspike I realized to my surprise that THE Chris from the PC Pilot was here too :astonished:

I wish the PC Pilot all the best without its iconic contributor :laughing:


Cheers mate! :beer:


13 years is a good run! My wife used to write for a well known astronomy magazine…it pretty much killed the hobby for her when the burnout kicked in. She stopped writing a few years ago to focus on other interests and hasn’t looked back. So thanks for all the great articles Chris, and I’m glad you pulled the handle before you lost interest in the hobby altogether. I’ll continue to subscribe to the digital version as the magazine is always a good read.


I am sure the ‘new product’ will be as awesome and interesting as the last.


It’s the golf isn’t it. :rofl:

My Dad is a PC pilot subscriber and loves your articles. He’s much more of a civilian pilot and likes to do things right, so your challenging airport series was always a favourite.

Congratulations on your retirement. :slightly_smiling_face:


Congrats @BeachAV8R!

I wonder how many articles of yours I read back in the day before I landed here.


Well deserved and congratulations Chris. All the best for the future and welcome to full time mudspiking!


Thank you very much for having us included in that hobby!

I wouldn’t call that a side benefit. It’s the major one. Search your feelings, you know this to be true :yoda:


@BeachAV8R I think you’ve always been one of the precious few reviewers that was able to find balance between being technical and being entertaining. I understand your decision to retire from writing for PC Pilot, but I kind of get it. Sometimes it’s better to stop before you start to not like doing it anymore. I’m just glad you are able to have more quality time with the family because of it.

With the ever-growing flight sim community, I find it remarkable how little drama goes on over here at Mudspike, and how relaxed the place is despite people with all these different backgrounds, personalities and interests. To me, it’ll always be my fun, quiet place to go to.


I hope you don’t feel that coming when it comes to the guides Chuck! Need one for the Mi-24 sometime in the near future I reckon :wink:

Same. It’s something Chris started, but we, you, me, all of us do. Mudspike is people. It helps that we’re a small club, and we’re all mature enough to keep an eye on what binds us, instead of what divides us.


I check, read and check Mudspike over double figures each day. Its my favourite place. I can be myself here and so can everyone else. We all get along for the most part and we all have a giggle.
To grow the main site will be brilliant. I wish I had something useful to contribute other than memes, pineapple pizza mockery and thread derailment to help its content grow. I do consider it occasionally but let’s be honest. My prose is not…eloquent is it lol.

I look forward to reading it all though and meeting all the new faces it will bring in here.

Also agree with @schurem there @Chuck_Owl, we need an Mi24 guide please. If you want any good screens of then crashing, we can help😉


I made it to the front page, so you can too!
I don’t consider myself a writer, but if you are interested in what you are writing about it’s quite a leap that you’ll make in terms of writing quality and style when you get in to it.

There is also ample manpower and willpower here to review and guide your work if requested, I am sure.


cheers! :beers:


Thats awesome man! Cheers! :beers:

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Always enjoyed your articles on PC Pilot Chris, happy retirement :beers:


All this talk of retirement makes me think of Danny Glover / Lethal Weapon, so I can’t help but think in two weeks time they’re going to offer him the exclusive DCS F-35A review? :slight_smile:

Congrats @BeachAV8R! :cake:



Those challenging airport articles were for sure a highlight of the magazine. Would be neat to have them all in a ‘special issue’ or something but I guess the sheer volume of even just those articles would be a little prohibitive.

Also felt like you were one of the few (if only?) writers to focus on combat flight sims, which was nice.


Same here.

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