Retro Gaming Archaeology

While looking for the old NES since i missed out on the mini i ran across this bad boy in the shed

Figured would be a good place to post some of our long forgotten games and accessories.


How retro are we going?

Sadly, most of my N64 games are gone - sold them to neighbor kids when I did a big move. I’ve still got a few games like Majora’s Mask, Rogue Squadron, and Pod Racer.

More of a programming base than a entertainment console, I spent hundreds of hours on this guy making my own games. Although this was my first color computer, the fun part was sound - I remember spending a lot of time perfecting a gunshot sound for a Russian Roulette game I made. My parents were not as excited about the game as I had thought they’d be!

My first “video game” experience, this is the Timex Sinclair 1000, shown with the expanded memory (16KB total!) installed. That book was the gaming library - I’d have to program the games first and then play them. For a long time, that was the only way to play, until I figured out how to record and then later load games via a tape recorder and standard audio tapes. Very cool!

I have fond memories of playing Action Max as a kid, except I remember hating Pops Ghostly. Unfortunately, the Max does not appear to have survived the years - it won’t power up.


Your Timex 1000 is the same as the Sinclair ZX81, which was my first computer too. I had the 16K Ram Pack. There was even a flight simulator for it. I soon upgraded to the Sinclair ZX Spectrum (48K and 8 colors if I remember correctly). I stuck with the Spectrum until I bought a second hand Atari ST. Then, in 1993 DI’s Tornado was released and I spent a ton of money on my first PC just so that I could play it. It’s hard to believe that was 23 years ago!

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The TS1000 doubled the onboard RAM from 1 KB to 2 KB.



That is a significant increase when compared to the vanilla ZX81. I think pretty much everyone ended up buying the RAM pack though.

I found my action max in the dig as well. Didn’t test it though as I couldn’t find any off the games


I found this and thought someone else might find it useful, can’t say I ever would have thought of doing this. I did try it out, but not sure of the results atm. The games certainly fit in a lot tighter, but i think i need to give them a good cleaning too. Problem with testing something and not knowing the status of all the other variables :stuck_out_tongue:


That one’s a hard pass for me. PS one graphics aren’t something I’ll probably be ever nostalgic for. These are rather interesting though. even at 3/4 scale. For the gamestop presale price of $299 it would be hard to even build your own from parts for that much. Just swap out the games when it gets boring… Although I’ll admit price point is probably the biggest draw there.

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