Retro PC Kit For Grabs

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Apologies for the delay in getting the list posted - I’m still at it, trying to understand what I said on my voice recordings as I was going through my stuff, and looking up the relevant hardware on the 'net to check I got it right!

It’s frustrating when a lot of the older stuff doesn’t have any kind of label or print on them (talking of RAM and PCI cards). Then trying to get it into some kind of coherent list with similar stuff together as I do it, rather than having to trawl through it again after typing it up :slight_smile:

Still not able to get up the ladder - but I think it won’t be long as I do seem to be improving. He says…


OK - mostly thanks to Dan’s post elsewhere and despite having a really crap day, I just went up to the attic. Took me over an hour, but I found that 90% of the Amiga stuff I have up there is magazines, CDs and floppies. There was another A1200, of course - that’s a floppy drive one and it’s all packed up in a box. There are loads of manuals - I do have some photo’s. I tried to do some videos but the batteries on my digital camera ran out and then when I tried with my phone camera, it kept stopping. The only light was from my headlamp as well, so I’ll have to check it and see what’s worth uploading.

I also found a manual to an Amiga monitor, which was interesting - think I mentioned before that I used to have an Amiga monitor but didn’t think I still had it - well guess what? I have still got it! Yay - so that’s available, too :slight_smile:

The Spectrum 128 +2 is also well packed in its original box, along with a box of games, manuals and laser pistol, plus a Kempston Quickshot joystick and the required interface.

I was really disappointed that I couldn’t find the Playstation 2 - found the PSone and a couple of games - by that time I was already struggling and sweating like I was in a sauna. But I went through the several dozen boxes and containers again and the very last one - and the only one I hadn’t checked of course, had all my PS2 stuff in it! Bluddy typical! So I’m going to be plugging that in for some nostalgic Gran Turismo this evening :stuck_out_tongue:

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Remember this?

…and how sad must I have been to do all this stuff - just for Gran Turismo?

even still have my old fastest times…


That looks like you had a lot of fun. What are the lists of races with cars? Do you get the car as a reward for winning the race?

As for the time trials, you betcha I will be buying those cars I see there on the PSP and I will try to beat those times for Nordschleife and Laguna Seca! Did you set those with a controller?

Pretty sure it will have been the standard PS controller. I do have a couple of controllers that are PC/PS dual compatible, but I seem to remember the gamepad wasn’t that great - I bought it cos it was analogue - and the same with a Thrustamster Ferrari rumble wheel I bought. It was okay on the PC but pretty rubbish on the playstation. I still have that wheel, though, and may dig it out for a try.

As for the times themselves, I have no idea if they are the best times I drove or not - I just can’t even remember writing them down. They will be a good target to start off.

I do remember with GT2 there was me in one room and a friend in another on his own PSOne and we kept yelling our best times to each other as we competed on the same tracks with the same cars in time trial mode. Did the same thing years later with Colin McRae 04. Good times.

PS - I can post some of the other times and circuits if ya like - there are some more in the C5-R and M3.
Actually it looks like my other Beemer times were set with the V12 LM car.

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I’m going to need to save a bit, as I don’t own any of those 3. I only have some rally cars and a BMW 320i Touring Car is the only non-road BMW that I have. I might have a Dodge Viper race car but no Corvette.

I normally play the PSP when I am travelling so it might take some time.

But yes, I would like to see your lap times!

Seems my PS One memory card is duff - can’t load or save to/from it. My PS2 card works okay, but I can’t save GT2 stuff to that, of course. I just bought a new PS2 card with a bit more memory on it, may have to see if I can get a PS1 card as well, then. :frowning:


Apricot Hill Raceway 1:16.875 in a M3 GTR RC

Le Mans 3:58.187 in a Saleen S7

Costa di Amalfi 1:43.453 in a Mazda 787

Costa di Amalfi Reverse 1:44.747 in an R92C (not sure what that is just now, but that’s what I put on the time sheet)

Deep Forest Raceway Reverse 1:20.574 in what looks like an Impreza - not sur exactly which one though. Reads something like “Cusco” - I’ll try and find out

El Capitan Reverse 1:41.826 in a Corvette C5-R

Seattle Circuit 1:31.427 in a C5-R

Seattle Circuit Reverse 49.183 in a BMW V12 LM

Seoul Central Reverse 53.792 in a BMW Z-LM

Special Stage Route 5 Reverse 1:20.686 in a Saleen S7

Suzuka Circuit 1:51.852 in a BMW M3 GTR RC

Swiss Alps 1:33.925 in a Peugeot 205 T16 E2?

Swiss Alps Reverse 1:33.457 in a BMW Z-LM

Twin Ring Motegi Super 27.560 in a BMW V12 LM

Infineon Sports car Course 1:28.179 in a C5-R

Laguna Seca Raceway in a C5-R

New York 1:23.122 in a BMW V12 LM

Nürburgring Nordschleife 7:00.539 in a BMW M3 GTR RC

Opera Paris 1:15.413 in an AMG CLK GTR

Opera Paris Reverse 1:14.579 in an AMG CLK GTR

Have fun!

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Okay all the Amiga and Spectrum stuff has gone - thanks to @komemiute and I will get on with listing the PC stuff as I can. Remember the retro PC stuff is a giveaway.


I’m not going to continue with posting the list of stuff as there hasn’t been any interest from anyone except @komemiute

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I have to thank you Johnny

This thread has rekindled my dream of running TIE Fighter with a Soundblaster AWE32.

After some difficulties I can now run it on a PCem system with a USB CH Flightstick Pro.

So I have very much been in nostalgia mode.

Thank you so very much.

Happy Simming


You’re welcome, mate - gaming nostalgia is so much fun :slight_smile:

@komemiute - are you aware of the Spectrum emulator for android?

I bought it some time ago, and though I haven’t used it lately, it did seem to do a good job on my tablet:

You probably already know of the PC one:

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Oh hell yeah! I love it BUT, sadly, I have so little time…
There’s so many great Spectrum games.

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My favourites were Tomahawk and The Great Escape. Mrs and I had our two player faves - Jason’s Gem and Arkanoid.


ah, look what I found!

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