Retro PC Kit For Grabs

Guys, I’ve got loads and loads of PC kit from the 90’s in my attic, cupboards, drawers, everywhere! I have built the 4 PCs that interest me and have no intention of making changes or building any more, so I have a ton of working stuff in good condition that needs a new home (or homes).

If anyone wants anything in particular - or any kind of thing - give a shout and I’ll tell you if I can help. Ranges from motherboards - I have mostly AMD socket A or 462 boards, Intel and AMD cpus of all kinds and speeds, to loads of various RAM and VGA cards from ISA (indeed!) to Voodoo 3 AGP.

I’ll try and make a list at some stage but honestly, there is so much it will take quite some time.

Again, this is a giveaway, don’t want any money for the stuff. I’d much rather give it away than throw it away.

I do also have a very rare monitor for BBC* - have to recheck the details, but the monitor is a Sanyo CRT-70 which apparently is rare as rocking horse manure.

Let me know :slight_smile:

*actually it’s for the mbc550/555

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Oi! I’m ova’ here!

EDIT: all jokes aside- you are UK based, right?


'fraid so :frowning:

No worries, I am supposed to travel to the UK later this year…

No problem - hope you’ve got a big car! :laughing:

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Here’s the ISA graphics card:

and a nice MSI 6147 Pentium II mobo with an onboard Rage Pro AGP chip!

Remember this from a popular benchmarking prog?


I have two Amiga 1200s here and a Spectrum 128+ with a box full of cassettes, laser gun, Kempston interface and joystick.
The Amigas have got loads of hardware and boxes full of software, books and magazines from the day.
I collected them all and used them for a while many years ago, but they have seen no use in years now - just keep them in good nick and that’s it.
I’d want something for those as I splashed a lot of cash on them, but if anyone wants one or all, just send me a pm and we can talk it over.

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@komemiute you can get it sent to me if you want anything :love_you_gesture:

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Ok wow wait. Amiga 1200 and spectrum? Hell yeah brother I’m all over those! money? Sure thing!
At this point I’d rather drop the PC component and rather focus on these things.

@Victork2 thanks for catching my attention for that! I absolutely would trust you with that, brother.

@Johnny let me know what would you like for that, and DM me if you have pictures…

EDIT: I know I sound greedy, but I am a total nut for this stuff, already have a an Atari ST (thanks to @schurem), two different Commodore 64 (an A model and a C model) with all the peripherals…
I’d love to be able to round up my collection with at least an Amiga and the Spectrum! :heart_eyes:

EDIT 2: Pretty please, of course…

EDIT 3: If there’s a God or any kind of justice under the sky, there’s a Suncom TAC-2 joystick in there too.


Ok mate, we can continue with our retro pm - as I said for that, too, I’ll need a couple of days to get a full list together - at least of the hardware as I’ve not used it in a while I can’t remember everything I have, and there is far too much software to list everything. There is even at least one box of brand new unused double density floppy disks! :wink:


Oh My God Omg GIF

Absolutely no worries


Any Soundblaster AWE32 with ASP with or without RAM boards?

That would get me to rebuild a TIE Fighter DOS/WIN98 box.

I had one with 512KB RAM and I gave it away because the DOS/WIN95 drivers kept nuking the system.

I have regrettet that ever since I discovered the Internet and possibility for downloading WIN98 drivers for the board.

Once I got a board without ASP and RAM, but TIE Fighter just sounded plain wrong.

I then gave up and threw out or gave away all of the DOS/WIN98 hardware I had.

I miss TIE Fighter.

I have tried TIE Total, but I find both Classic and ReImaged harder than I remember the original.

With the original training mission that start with 1 Headhunter and get more and more difficult I would only begin to have trouple with multiple A-Wing Aces.

In Total I can barely keep alive with 4 Headhunters.

Happy Simming

To be honest, i used to be amazing at tie fighter and XwVTF and when ive played them recently ive had my butt handed to me even on extremely easy 1 vs 1 fights.

I could happily hold my own in a tie interceptor vs 3 or 4 X wings before. Not even close any more


The soundcards I have left over after my builds are really nothing special. I can’t remember exactly which ones they are, but I do know I had to go looking for decent ones to build my Win9x rigs. I was after a SoundBlaster Live! 1024 - don’t remember the exact spec, but the better version. had one when 95 was the current OS and it was awesome at the time - so I was determined to find one again, which I did, supposedly unused and a very reasonable price :slight_smile:

I’ve built an almost exact copy of the PC I had at that time including the Righteous Orchid Voodoo 3Dfx card I had (which I actually kept hold of all these years) , and I was amazed I actually got my original MechWarrior 2 3Dfx working again. Tried many times since but it never worked until now. Also still got the Sidewinder Pro stick I used to play it with. I really must set aside some time for that campaign. I did the training a couple of months back.

Didn’t I post a photo of the strategy guide here somewhere? Think I did - probably in the “what are you reading” thread.

Here’s the CRT-70 monitor - not in great condition, but does work - or did last time it was used, anyway.

As I said, I have some decent older kit, too, including quite a bit of DDR2 and DDR3 RAM, like this HPC Reaper stuff…

Any interest let me know - don’t know the ins and outs of sending a few ram sticks internationally, but could surely find out.


Okay today I went through everything in my office and hobby rooms - and there’s a lot! I’ve recorded an audio list - just need to type that up and it’ll do for starters. the Mrs will help me up into the attic over the next few days and I’ll do the same with what’s up there - but 90% of the quality stuff is here and already listed.

I was amazed to find I have some fairly recent stuff that I can offer, too, such as DDR3 and DDR4 RAM and an i7 4770k CPU. I have a 6GB triple stick of RAM - very decent stuff. It was from the time they were trying to push “triple channel” and started selling these sets, but it didn’t come to anything, of course. I only used two of the sticks anyway, but all three are there and in great condition in their original box.

I photographed everything, but with my ageing eyesight I’ve found that the majority of the photo’s are slightly out of focus.

So, I’ll type up a list and post it and then if anyone wants to see something in particular, you can just ask to see a photo if you want :slight_smile:

I also made a video of the Amiga stuff I have down here - there’s lots more in the attic - and @komemiute has first dibs on that. Of course anything he doesn’t want will be available.

I actually have enough stuff to make several PCs, so if you haven’t done any before but fancy doing a bit of retro building I have plenty to get you started. Headaches included! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

In fact, here’s a blast from the past for you to be going on with:


Here’s the A1200D video - not that much there, lots more to come :slight_smile:

I also found two PCs I’d built and completely forgotten about!


I’ll take your entire stock!


*braces for incoming packages


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This is one of the two PCs I found - MSI K7N2G with a GeForce FX5500 VGA card 2x512MB DDR - I remember how happy I was when I originally bought that RAM, my fastest ever to that point, and my first matched pair of dual channel DDR sticks. Also a SB Live 1024 soundcard.
Only thing I don’t know is which CPU is in it - have to plug it in and find out at some stage. I do know it’s got Win98 SE on it.

I drilled the holes in front of the case for better cooling airflow.