Reverb G2 hand controller holder

Am I wrong for suggesting that would make an awesome bikini top? I mean…the convenience of being able to put your controllers on your chest. And apparently one could even breast feed their child through them.

Stop Talking Season 2 GIF by Friends


Listen to Chandler! :rofl:


What sprayfiller Troll? What CAD. I’ve been using Fusion360, which is really good, but I think I’m going to invest some time in learning FreeCAD.

I usually get the one at ‘Biltema’.
Biltema is a Swedish car parts store chain that have branched out to selling all kinds of hardware. They also own a P-51 and Spitfire :slight_smile:
But I guess any spray filler would work. I’ve heard a lot of positive remarks about the Halfords brand.

I use Turbo Cad. I’ve been using that since the late 90’s. There are better CAD softwareout there, but I’m on a MAC, so my options are a bit limited. I tried Fusion 360 and it’s vastly superior. A new way of thinking in that you design in 3D from the start, whereas Turbo CAD needs to go via 2D templates to create 3D objects. Unfortunately I never invested the time to really learn Fusion as I can do all I want with my trusty old Turbo CAD. And when I get a sudden idea that I want to try, I kind of fall back to what I know…


A very good channel that will teach you Fusion360 in nice concise tutorials.

I’ve kinda had a bit of a fight with F360… You are supposed to be able to renew a personal subscription year after year but mine has stopped working. They now want 500 a year which is way too much. It’s a very obtuse way to have a free product though they have also been reducing features and functions in the free version.

Perhaps staying with Turbocad isn’t a half bad idea :wink:

Though I would heartily recommend FreeCAD, 0.19 recently got released and it’s great. I managed to convert a friend recently that mostly works in OpenSCAD(also very powerful).

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