Review: BRD-N Black Stork Joystick

How you could see - they have same principle. It’s cam’s on bearings. All axis on bearings.

Ah, and yesterday Roman(Baur) send me BRD-N kit for assembling for one customer, which want install on it grip from real heli Mi-8, customer should ship grip to me(I think a couple of weeks it takes, if all goes right). When it’ll be ready - I’ll take some photo and post it here.


Yes. T.A.R.G.E.T will not recognize the BRD stick.

If he could run the cable that connects to the Warthog stick through the device to an outside plug (i.e. a pass-thru or bridge), then plug the cable into the Warthog base, then you could program everything except for the XY axes (and nobody does those anyway). That would be a nice design feature.

Anybody who speaks Russian to forward that suggestion?

EDIT: Doh, just saw AlexFM;s post. They have thought of it!


I have made some modifications to my BRD-N.

I moved the USB port to the back, as that suits my SimBox better.
I also made a USB pass-through so I could connect the brake lever to the front of the base, and then from the back of the base to the PC.

Lastly I made a new cover… I’ve always liked the WWII style canvas and zipper look, so I went with that.


I’m waiting for the day Troll has built an entire airplane around his stick. That’ll be cool…


It will happen one day!
The day I taxi in under the water arch and retire, I will eat some cake at the base office reception, hand in my ID card and go straight to the harbour terminal and sign for my crate containing the airplane kit… That’s the plan, anyway. :wink:

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Hi all!
I’m a long time simmer, RL pilot and recently I decided to update my joystick with a center configuration with extension.
I went for the VKB gunfighter mk3 but after 1 week I sold it since for me it was too soft in terms of deflection forces but also with too much centre for my opinion. My joystick background is a BRD-D so I’m used to neutral smooth center. I’m now curious between this BRD-N and Virpil bases.
I’m in doubt with single cam per axis since I think that the smoothest result is with BAUR double cam per axis.
I read that Troll has tested all of them (BRD-N, Virpil t-50CM2, Virpil WarBRD). I really like to know which one will you suggest to have the best feelings in termo of smooth center and also hard deflection forces…


Hi @Lynx11 and a warm welcome to Mudspike! :mudspike:

The VPC WarBRD utilizes Baurs (BRD) signature scissor cams and has an excellent center transition for a desktop stick. The WarBRD is basically a small BRD-N, or the equivalent of a BRD-D, if you will. The WarBRD is a bit small for a large stick extension, though. If you have a simpit and want a floor mounted stick, or the VPC 20cm S-extension, I would go for the VPC MT-50CM2, which has a stronger centering force. The center transition is also very good, but perhaps not as sublime as the WarBRD scissor cam setup. But with an extension, you won’t feel much of the center transition anyway. The MT-50 CM2 has three different cams and three different springs, that you can play around with. There’s also a pre-tensioning screw for each axis spring.
So, for a desktop stick, I’d go with the WarBRD. For an extended stick, the MT-50CM2.

Ask away if you need clarifications. I take it you’ve read the reviews?


I’m really confused as to what grips will fit on the BRD-N base. Obviously the Warthog but do the Virpil grips like the VFX etc fit on them or is there other options.

All the VPC and Thrustmaster grips fit, but the BRD-N is not compatible with the proportional axes of the VPC grips. But I’m going to modify my BRD-N with VPC electronics to alleviate this problem :slight_smile:


Hi Troll, thanks for the fast reply!
What about the BRD-N feelings and forces?

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It is naturally the heaviest of the sticks as it is also the largest, by far. The center transition is just as smooth as with the WarBRD. The scissor cam is a really good design, but it needs big springs and that makes the stick base design rather large if you want a long extension.
I don’t know if Baur still makes the -N?

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