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Mudspike Contributor Jörgen “Troll” Toll shares his impressions of his recently acquired BRD-N joystick. I have always been looking for the perfect flight sim controller, ever since the days of the Quickshot joysticks for the Amiga. My first high end joystick was the Thrustmaster F-22 Pro. Remember that one? That was 19 years ago. It…


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If i purchase BRD-N Black Stork Joystick and mount my stick do i lose TM Warthog script functionality?

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Yes. T.A.R.G.E.T will not recognize the BRD stick.

I gave up scripting several years ago since all flightsims I play with have adequate controller mapping, so I didn’t think of that.
Good question!

There is a software called Joy2Key ( that should allow scripting functionality for any controller. NB! I have not tried it.

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Nice Review. I’m really tempted.


Its not an aircraft actually but you have to fly Robinson R44 hydraulic controls. That’s something precise without any feedback :sunglasses:

Btw great looking system, great review :+1:


Is that an invitation…? :wink:

I guess Helicopters usually have tighter controls than fixed wing aircraft… I’m out flying the Dash8 as I write this, and the controls have a great deal of slack around center. Not that I ever notice it in flight… It’s a bit like driving a tractor. :wink:

This review and the conversation above are timely for me - I need a good joystick for helo flying.

My current joystick too “sticky” to fly with the finesse a helo needs. In short, the spring-loaded centering action is to “tight” (for lack of a better term).

To date the only joystick that I can make “loose enough” to simulate the feel of a helo cyclic is a 20 year-old Microsoft Sidewinder Pro…which “surprisingly” seems to be having issues performing at optimum lately.

So I noted with interest the part of the review that discussed the smooth centering function. Is there a way to adjust the centering fact to be looser or tighter?

Yes, and no :slight_smile: There’s no friction adjustment, but you can change the springs, as mentioned in the review.
And you can swap cams, to get a more positive center “notch”. But I prefer the free cams as the stick finds its way back to center but is easily moved out of center with a very gradual force.

Is there anything I can test for you? Measure? Record a movie?

Nope that answers my question - I guess I didn’t read that paragraph correctly. I think the free cams you mention would work great for helo flying.

It’s the centering “notch” that’s killing me now. I use a Mad Catz F.L.Y.5 Cyborg X for helos - it has a lot of things going for it like adjustability and dual throttles (use one for collective and the other for the throttle) but it has an annoying “sticky notch” to get it off center - invariably you use too much “push” which over controls the helo.

I’ve tried working with the ThrustMaster Warthog HOTAS with helos - the stick works well but using those big throttles as a collective is very awkward.

I need to find a throttle set that I can use as a collective, besides the $1,400 Bell cyclic/collective set up. Util then, I’ll keep the Black Stork on my wish list.

Thanks and great review. :slight_smile:


You could use TM Warthog scripts, if you connect grip to warthog controller. But in this situation axis connect to BRD-controller, grip buttons - to TM controller. Inside BRD-N base enough space for stock TM controller.
Some our clients made like this:
take some USB-hub(2-3 ports). Place it inside BRD-N base, connect both controllers to hub inside base. And you need just one cable for connecting BRD-N(hub to pc).
But here you need some skills in soldering wires.

Alexey Alex[FM] (one guy from BRD-team :slight_smile: )


Hi @AlexFM!
Great idea! Didn’t think of that… But yes, there’s definitely space available in this monster! :wink:

Here some grips on BRD-D bases.




That looks, really nice.

what a brilliant idea :+1:

…does it mean I have to disassemble my DYI throttle? :thinking:

What is the difference between the BRD D and DS?

we can talk about some exchange program :wink:

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BRD-D - it’s “on-table” solution
BRD-DS - “on-chair” or “underchair”
BRD-N - “on-floor”, but you know it already)
Here BRD-DS and BRD-D - naked)

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Thanks for the info!
Do they both have the same type of gimbal and cam system like the -N?

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