Reviving my old x58 chipset system a project

So my dear friends I have decided to give my old gaming system some love.
Having Karen go from desktop to solely using the laptop I get a case for my build. On grabbing the case and taking a look I was astounded that there where some quality components to reuse. I have no recollection of building her a good pc but I obviously gave it some love.

A fully modular PSU

My old favourite the Zalman all copper cooler, needs a dust :grin:

And the case itself was a Thermal take suprano

And I even discovered there are a couple of decent HDD in too


Oh and one of my all time favourite mobos

So I used an even earlier rig to build the pc for my wife. Ahh nostalgia my core2duo still runs after all these years

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I had that motherboard too! It was brilliant, but I got one with dodgy VRMs and it only lasted four years :cry:

X58 was a great platform…

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