RIAT Departures

Some nice gear here:

Shame it’s always so far away - though I did manage to go quite a few years back, when they held it at Cottesmore.


Thanks @Brix. Fantastic paint on those Ukrainian Sukois! What an airshow that must be.

Leave it to the Canadians to take off the ‘wrong’ way (3:08) :slight_smile:

EDIT: And again at 6:25!

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Ha ha, I was tempted to mention that, but I didn’t want to get into trouble… :relieved:

I notice the Japanese 767 tanker did it, too.

The Ukrainian forces did too. :slight_smile:

@BeachAV8R - here’s one for you - for those moments when you wonder if you are stretching the bounds of possibility in P3D :slight_smile:

Wow…that is some impressive maneuvering…! Now I don’t feel so bad that the Iris C-27J feels overpowered…