Richard Burns Rally

I have refound this gem and after a while fighting with first triple screen setup, then Opentrack headtracking and FFB settings, I have now reached a point where it is enjoyable again.

A long time ago I had FFB tuned, so that I could ace the Rally School Stage close to each time. Then I had to reformat my PC and gone where the FFB settings. I hadn’t thought about taking screen shots to save them.

FFB and headtracking still needs to be fine tuned and I will work on FFB first. When that is right on the money I will tweak the headtracking.

I am very Happy!

Happy Simming


Yeah, RBR is possible still the best rally simulator after so many years.


Is the RSRBR mod still a thing? It was a pretty amazing piece of work by the community back in the day. Preemptive apologies if I am sending someone down a fairly deep rabbit hole.

I wrote a three part SimHQ article detailing the history of RBR, the RSRBR mod, and an interview with one of the RSRBR developers. But I think that the article has been pulled from SimHQ. The only reference that I can find is here. Will looked for a “hard” copy.

Most of the articles are still there but the links tend to get messed up. If you go to their Homepage and start searching the articles you will most likely find them.