Rift S announced!

About the sound…
I tried to just cup my hands over the speakers and my ears and that made a big difference.
Perhaps just some 3D printed covers, that clip onto the halo, would work?


One other thing I find a bit odd (or maybe I’m too dumb to figure it out), Oculus has your IPD controlled by software in Home, but it’s not like there is a cross or anything to look at to know if the setting you have selected is correct or not :thinking:

I think it’s just a scaling factor, like the Force IPD in DCS. Just to get the perspective right. It doesn’t affect the visual clarity at all.


Is there a way to turn off the music in the home?

Cool video on the viewing distance of the original Rift vs. Rift S…

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Just curious; what work around did you use to mount your lenses? I am reliant on my VR Lens lab set to see anything.

I just played around wedge them in. It wasn’t the best solution. What I have found though is that I can wear my glasses in the Rift S far more comfortably than I could with the CV1. Ultimately though, I will be picking up a set of WidmoVR lenses for the S. I am holding off placing an order though because I am due for an eye exam, so I might as well get the lenses with a new prescription.

Rift-S: Some thoughts.

Black screens, jitter, garbled flashes, usb issues?

Like many, I have had some moderate trouble with my Rift-S due to glitches seemingly centered around USB compatibility and power.

Recently I noticed that my motherboard (Aorus 5 z370) had several types of usb, divided between USB 2.0, 3.0, and 3.1 (both Gen 1 and Gen 2)

2.0 was an obvious wash, as was 3.1(Gen 1) as it had intermittent white flashes/scrambling & jitter. Plain old 3.0 was better, but only the Proprietary Asmedia 3.1 (gen 2) controller seemed to almost completely stabilize the headset, especially when I entered the Motherboard bios and utilized the included feature to up the voltage.

However, what utterly fixed the headset (no/flashes/jitter/etc EVER) was purchasing a usb 3.0 to Usb-c adaptor. The headset instantly settled down, and is now working as I suspect it was designed to, with no issues whatsoever, not even very quick ones like the flashes.

For those having glitches, this might be something to try for those with possible voltage/bandwidth difficulty and that have cards with usb-C outputs


Funny cause w/ Rift CV, alot of people had to purchase USB 3.0 Cards to use their Headset without issues.


I have a USB 3.1 gen2 connector on the motherboard. Must shop.


Valve just added full support for the recently released Oculus Rift S PC VR headset to the SteamVR platform.


When the Rift S launched, haptic feedback on the Touch controllers wasn’t working in SteamVR. Valve released a hotfix less than 24 hours later to resolve this.

Over the last few weeks, Valve has been expanding support for Facebook’s new headset in SteamVR Beta builds. SteamVR now visually shows the new Touch controllers in the Dashboard, Home, and apps which use the default SteamVR controller model.

Before this release, SteamVR (non-Beta) detected the Rift S as a regular Rift with three sensors. This is how the Oculus runtime presents the VR hardware to apps built on older SDKs. Now that Valve is using the latest Oculus SDK, Rift S is detected as its own headset, with its own (higher) default resolution and no external sensors.


The Steam store has also been updated to consider Rift S compatible with all games marked as compatible with Rift. Beforehand Rift S users would see a message warning them that their headset was incompatible.

With the Rift S, users can redraw their Guardian boundary from inside VR using the black & white Passthrough+ mode. SteamVR now detects when this happens so as to position VR content in the center of the space without the need for restart.

The release is also supposed to fix “numerous stability issues and bugs”.


I am leaning towards getting a Rift S however, the Oculus web page is a little scary. I’m pretty sure this is a big teeth/no eyes monster from some 90’s era FPS.



I think you’ll have a good experience with the Rift S - it is very good out of the box, affordable, the software is good, and I think it would be a great first foray into VR for anyone. My only caution is to make sure your purchases are “portable”. I hate that I got locked in to the Oculus storefront with some titles - I’d really prefer to keep all of my stuff on Steam and accessible to multiple types of VR headsets. Of course, there are workarounds for those items that are store specific, but it just adds a layer that I’d rather not be there.

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Right now I’m just looking at DCS World, XP11 and ED. DCS World is the download (although I still have my LOMAC CD :grin:) XP-11 was a download from their site and ED is via Steam.

I was probably going to get the RIFTS-S via Amazon.

Does that sound OK.

That is exactly what I did Will. I wanted the option of a no-fuss return policy in case I wasn’t happy with it. I’m not returning it though. :slight_smile: .

Yeah…Amazon is great. Although if you have a Microsoft Store in the vicinity, it is pretty nice to be able to take a WMR headset home, try it out for a day or two, and if it isn’t your cup-of-tea you can just walk it right back into the store.

Unless you are @fearlessfrog - then you have to scale the great Northern Border Wall and dodge the Canadian Moose Patrol (rack mounted “lasers”) in order to return it.

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So… Oculus CV or Rift S?..

Physical IPD isnt an issue, my GPU only has MiniDP’s on it, and it was pain to find a MiniDP → HDMI Adapter that worked with the rift.