Rift S Issues

It was definitely the Rift cable in the end. You could see a kink close to the connector where it had been damaged. I got it replaced and all is well now, no issues at all.

I’m pretty pleased with the ‘minor’ upgrade from the CV1. Visuals, although not perfect, are so much clearer and the cockpit instruments in most DCS planes are a lot clearer. The cable is a pain, but the headband is more practical and I like that you can press a button and pull the headset forward to remove it. Handy if you wear glasses. The jury is out on the audio but at least you have the option of plugging in-ear buds into it…

I’ve gone from the CV1, which was fine for a quick cruise around, to pretty much flying full time in VR. Not bad bang for your buck compared to some of the other headsets.