Rig Comparisons

After reading @Rhinosaurus post “Looking into upgrading”, it got me thinking that my rig might be getting a bit long in the tooth too!

After running something I found tonight called “PassMark”, I’m thinking my five year old i7 [email protected] with the GTX 1070 might still be valid!

Here’s PassMark for anyone interested (free 30 day trial) …

Yeah, my machine is getting a bit long in the tooth, 2012

i5 2500k Sandy Bridge architecture. AMD HD7870 and 16gig of RAM. been thinking about a SSD and a new GPU but I’d doubt it would do sufficient.

I did make a thread with a similar program. Might be useful too Whats your system?

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Oh yes! Totally missed that thread Sargoth … good one. I’ll update it with my specs now.

I didn’t want to go off on a tangent with this thread so if an admin could nuke it, that would be fine. :slight_smile: