RIP Tom Weiss (LockOnFiles)

I just saw the news that Tom passed away August 31st of this year. :frowning:

Hello LockOnFiles Members,

It is with a heavy heart I write to you with the news of my uncle, Thomas Weiss’, sudden passing on August 31.

I have finally gained access to his account to make this posting. I will do my best to keep the site up and running as long as possible in his honor. If you are interested in becoming an admin of the website please send a message to Tom_Weiss and i will try to answer as quickly as possible.



At this time I have been unable to find any other news regarding his passing.



Oh no… Sad to hear that.
Rest in peace, Tom, and thanks!


No way. That is a huge shock. I had a bit of a mildly up then down relationship with Tom but always thought he was a huge asset to the community. His site was a huge repository for so many great LOMAC/DCS/FSX mods. This is a very bad day for the sim community.


That’s sad. RIP.

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Terrible News,Before DCS became what it is today “Lock On Files” was a [Must Have] for any sim pilot with “Lock On Modern Air Combat” LOMAC for Skins,Mods and Terrain textures,
RIP Tom,God Speed.


De mortuis nil nisi bonum.


Wow RIP Tom - did some amazing work for the community.

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RIP Tom Weiss. You maintained an amazing repository of mods for decades.

Lockonfiles was the first online sim community I joined. If it weren’t for the friendly tone and help towards a young guy who mainly stumbled upon the site looking for a Rafale mod, I wouldn’t be here on Mudspike today.


So very sad to hear this news… He was a great friend back in the simHQ days (when it was fun and run by guod). He used to post pictures of his beautiful city Sau Paulo, and of course the beautiful women who resided there! A great asset to the flightsim community.

I wondered what happened when I stopped receiving donation requests for his site… At least we know.
Strange how we make these online connections with people and you have no idea what ever becomes of them when they stop posting.

RIP ThomasDW


RIP Tom Weiss, you accomplished that which sounds so easy but in truth is difficult and rarely accomplished: you made the internet a better place.

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Sad to hear - Lock on Files was the place to be early in the DCS days.

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My word, I really hate to hear this. He was always a pretty dedicated guy, kept his own counsel.

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RIP Tom. He provided us w so much. Sad to hear he is gone.

Hadn’t comm’d with him in years, but sad to hear.

R.I.P. Tom…