RIP Verne Troyer

Maybe not all of his movies were absolute winners but reading around he was really a nice and interesting person.

Silly as it seems, I’m sad.


I had to look him up. (If you won’t do it I will: RIP “Mini Me”.) Maybe not Shakespeare but it is a role that I will never forget.

He also played the part of the head banker in the goblin bank of the Harry Potter series.

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In some of the films, yes. Warwick Davis (aka Wicket the Ewok and other small roles in the SW films) played some goblins as well.

However, Mini Me was a defining role and the one he will forever be remembered for playing. Not every actor can say that, so he accomplished more than some.

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Meet him at E3 2010… got a pic with him, somewhere… was a big time gamer,

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