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Good chance for folk to fill the hanger and get the mods, but I did that several sales ago. Just checked, and yep nothing new, have absolutely everything RoF was about.

Must admit I’m disappointed the way RoF has seemingly been dumped for this new WW2 sim from 777 and 1CGS new game.

I do love the WW1 era and ROF filled many gaps and is still relevant if only the project could be resurrected with genuine passion and a forward thinking backer…

I think this BOS and BOM stuff the way they are going will be the death of them, seems to me they can not compete with the War Thunder marketing engine and crowd and should stop trying … IMHO of course.

There was some talk of RoF 2, but that seemed to have evaporated as soon as it begun, and that was a long time ago.

I’m not sure what part of RoF you find lacking, but I find it is a great experience - it really captures the feeling of flight that a lot of sims are missing. The visuals are just amazing all around – the aircraft, the damage model, the scenery, the clouds, the weather, the ground units, etc.

I’ve added a few planes to my hangar as well, although I’m still missing quite a few – I may pick up the seaplanes and the channel map with this sale.

I really love combat in this sim – although to be honest I typically go up against novice AI and just rip them to shreds! The multiplayer experience is great - you quickly learn how to visually ID DRs from a distance!

I get that WWI isn’t for everybody, but RoF does it pretty well, IMHO.

No CCIP? Errr…furthest back I can go is Vietnam I’m afraid… Which means I’m a horrible pilot but good at pushing buttons!


Einstein, you might be missing my point? … I adore Rise of Flight, just sad that development for it now seems at an end.

I’ve bought everything, all the aircraft, maps and other add ons that at times I thought might have been rip off’s? But I’ve bought it all to give my support, every last Rise of Flight scrap, can post a pic of my purchase profile if you like!

The early indications were the new sim would have spin off benefits for RoF, but thats never materialised and I doubt it ever will now … I guess we have what we have I suppose.

I know it may seem odd to some, but i love the WW1 era and cant get enough of it.

I just find it ironic how they can keep having sales when there is nothing new to sell?

Ah, the discontent of having it all! I know this feeling all too well! :wink:

The thrill of the new module, the anticipation of a new campaign, the excitement of a new mod! But getting new and shiny stuff is only part of the experience. I’m not sure what future development 777 Studios has in mind for Rise of Flight, but just because there isn’t anything without that “You Have” icon next to it doesn’t mean there isn’t still fun to be had.

I found the campaigns have many hours of gameplay in them, and the career mode is endless. There is a lot of challenge in duel/survival/skirmish experiences, pitting yourself against more and more challenging opponents. Surely you haven’t mastered it all?

I hope you get some enjoyment out of actually playing your sims, @katana1000s, rather than just buying them. After all, it’s the flight hours that matter - not the number of planes in your hangar!

It would be amazing if RoF added VR support. I think this open cockpit close proximity fighting will be awesome…especially that it’s an older game that performs well on modern hardware.

I’ve played RoF with the DK1 Rift - not bad, but the pixelation and blur is awful. Would love to try it with a more modern version!


I do enjoy my sims and I’ve found a resurgence of enjoyment from RoF recently, really do love this era of early military aviation. I bought this sim on day one and its one I find myself keep going back to, even invested in an old MS Sidewinder Force Feedback stick just for this one.

I’ve a lot of books on the subject and also a lot of the 1/32 Wingnut Wings scale models of WW1 aircraft, these kits are sublime if you have not seen them, its a total genuine passion I have for this era.

Yep, I’ve bought everything for this simulation, and may not use it all, but my recent return to RoF has seen me use a fair bit of the content I bought for RoF in the past … I compare my RoF collection to a wine collector with a cellar full of fine wines, you would not want to guzzle all of it, but its there if you want it … having a good library would be a similar analogy I suppose.

Its nice to know I have fresh content to use as and when I need to, but yes your right, its sad there seems to be no more on the horizon.

I do miss the fact that development for RoF seems to have stopped, I can not lie about that, I’m really not keen in the way they are going with the BoS/BoM games and I cant lie about that either, bought BoS Premium and for many reasons I wont be buying BoM or anything more from this franchise :slight_smile: Its cool … its just my preference and its not the end of the world.

WW1 wise I’m almost complete (there I go again) in my Flanders Field stuff and its absolutely stunning what they have done with a very very old flight sim engine.


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That would be amazing if Oculus Rift support could be tacked on to Rise of Flight in the future.

Those look amazing! Got any pics of your models you’d like to share?

[quote=“katana1000s, post:9, topic:1494”]I compare my RoF collection to a wine collector with a cellar full of fine wines, you would not want to guzzle all of it, but its there if you
want it[/quote]

Excellent analogy! I find many of my bottles have a bit of dust on them, however. I need to find more reasons to dust them off.

Do you fly RoF multiplayer? Perhaps we can meet up on Mudspike’s TS3 sometime, and you can show me some of your collection.

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Hi , no I’ve not played online in anything for a long time, I do like multiplayer but I’m getting old now (56) and have an uber form of arthritis called Ankylosing Spondyltis, it started in my spine but is going into my limbs now … I prefer solo play for RoF these days my wrists especially are really starting to ache for no reason.

But yeah, happy to show up on Mudspikes TS3 and see what happens :slight_smile:

Talking about this … have Rainbow 6 Siege and still struggling on the first sort of training lesson, was a big online freak for this game in the past too :slight_smile: Raven Shield ETC :smile: