Robot vacuums


As the title suggests…anyone have one of these things in their home and how’s it working for you? Ordered one for my wife for Christmas (she gave me the ok…I’m not looking for a death wish), but am curious as to how it will ultimately work out for us.


I gave my wife one a few Christmases ago and survived. :grinning:
It works pretty well. It’s louder than I expected so you’ll probably want to run it when you’re at work. You’ll probably want to sweep\vacuum once in a while but not near as often as without it. Scared the hell out of the cat until he got used to it.


I don’t have one myself but I know someone who tried one. It was… OK but it didn’t handle carpets well. It often failed to move onto the thicker ones.

The other problem was that it didn’t enter some corners at all. It kept doing the easy parts and kinda neglected others.

It did clean kinda well though.
In the end he returned it because it was only suited for a too small part of his house (many stairs) but for the most part it worked OK.


I have heard of a few draw backs if you have pets…



I heard that after a year they will threaten to kill your pets unless you call them “Master” and answer to “Flithy human scum” whenever called.

That’s just what I heard. Probably not true.



Have a Roomba 960. Loving it but we are all hardwood laminate. Saves me so much time. I mean it takes more time than I would but I don’t have to do it so… Ya.


Expensive. Likes to eat anything that it finds like power cords, curtains and carpets. After a while, battery gets old and you can’t replace it. Suctions also suffers with time. Work well on hardwood floors in empty rooms. :smile:


So in other words…you love it. LOL


Got a Eufy, not sure the model. Works very well on non carpeted areas, really doesn’t get stuck much at all (the chairs in the dining room are just the right size for it to fit under and not get out). On carpet it works pretty well too, but it has a small tank, and with a long haired cat and a long haired wife it doesn’t have the capacity. If I empty it twice, it’ll do a pretty decent job on the carpet. At that point though I might as well just vacuum myself with the amount of time I’ve spent chasing it around. So overall for hard floors it’s awesome, for carpet if you don’t have a lot to pickup (so short hair and no kids), it would be pretty decent too.


Oh yeah definitely!
If I had one it would be chock full with cat toys and stuff the kids left on the floor, after around 30 seconds. :smiley:


If you have pets that occasionally defecate on the floor, be warned…it is NOT fun having to clean up the aftermath of a Dog poop vs. Roomba collision. Especially if the vacuum then went on to run for another 45 minutes.

I’ll leave you to your imagination as to how that played out…




Actually, our thought was that we would run Helga (that’s what I’ve chosen to name it) only at night when the cat is in the basement.


Only Issue I see there could be the noise. That said, assuming the Cat knows how use a litter box, and Helga doesn’t, you should be fine :slight_smile:


As an update, Helga has been sweeping our house for a few days now and I must admit she does a pretty decent job. It might work best if you have a rather open floor plan living space, but even in our home which is rather full of stuff it finds its way around. Works on our carpet too! Best part is the cat pays it no mind unless it gets particularly close at which point she just runs away :slight_smile: