RockPaperShotgun - The 25 Best Simulation Games Ever Made

Here’s their top 10 sims of all time:

1 Flight Simulator X
2 Falcon 4.0
3 Silent Hunter 3
4 DCS World
5 Assetto Corsa
6 IL-2: Sturmovik
8 Battle of Britain II: Wings of Victory
9 Euro Truck Simulator 2
10 ARMA 3

Hmm, I can’t get over the fact that OMSI (a bus simulator) made it in over ARMA3!

Well, I don’t know that you’d ever get 100 gamers to agree to the order. I’d think Longbow 2 and JF-18 would go higher…and even though I’m not a fan, EAW was (is) huge. I would agree that FSX should be number one though. The sales numbers and massive third party development that spawned off that can’t be approached by anything. Overall - I think that is a good list though. It is really hard to place things in a list with older titles because the technology leaps and bounds over the span of three decades can really skew your perception. I don’t envy Tim for having to come up with that article… LOL Nice job!


Would agree in the top 2 and in that order as well, also some other titles in that list but EF2000 was one of my favourite simulations of all time and after FSX probably the sim I invested most hours in.

Really liked PAW 1942 as well and would love a remake of that one.

Yeah…EF2K probably contains a large chunk of my early flying hours. That game was great. It was really cool seeing your side taking those enemy airfields and watching them turn to your coalition…kind of similar to how it was nice to track the progress in Enemy Engaged as you marched across the map. Good stuff…


Good list. I hate that they have to put numbers in front of them.

I dont agree with number one simply because as a default sim its lacking. Once you start adding planes it comes to life. So number 1 is there because off add ons. Number two how ever is amazing striaght out of the box.

Just like DCS world on its own is not much. Once you add planes its awesome.

Like I said its a great list but the numbers are a big miss leading.

Yeah…it’d be enough to just list the best 25 and let the reader decide on the order.

I agree that FSX is better with add-ons, but I’m gonna disagree that the stock game doesn’t offer a LOT of content. I did a re-review of FSX as a “game” a couple years ago for SimHQ and I think it shows that default FSX has a TON of content within…and represents a really good bargain for the money…


Good article. I forgot about missions and training in FSX. Dont get me wrong FSX has alot to offer but I was looking at it from a get in a plane a fly standpoint . Maybe I have been flying X Plane a bit much recently.

I will say this if FSX didnt come out on steam I probably wouldn’t be flying it at all. Now I’m looking at getting some add on aircraft for it.

In my opinion vanilla FSX dosent up to vanilla x plane.

However FSX has withstood the test of time and aged extremely well.