Roller Champions

Got my alpha invite! Game is preloaded. Looking forward to playing Thursday (it’s really Wednesday but we all know that server launch is going to be a gong show!)

Anyone else excited? :smiley:

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Well, I didn’t even know about the alpha applications until this weekend, so I guess I won’t get an invite. Thanks for the heads up.

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I only registered this weekend as well.

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Does the losing team get sacrificed? Looks like pok-ta-pok on skates

Yes, I’m interested in how this goes.

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Does anyone want an invite to the closed alpha? I can send two.

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so… for those who played rocket league… remember when you started and you were hopeless?

yaa… lol. There is a learning curve here. Shooting is brutal for me because of the twin stick action - I’ve always been terrible at it.

And you def need to play as a team unless you are a master at this.
Super fun though!

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I image you have to use uplay for this one?


So yea, I wondered about the controls here. Skating clearly takes one stick, so shot aim uses the 2nd stick?

What about locomotion? Do you hold a trigger to go? Or some rhythm inputs for left/right skates?

I’ll take an invite if you still have one.

Invite sent saghen.

Also sent one to @bonchie

@adlabs6 locomotion is via right trigger. Direction via left. You engage shooting mode with left bumper, and use right stick to aim, but it stops you skating from what I have been able to do.

Game is pretty challenging - high skill level! I’ve run into some ridiculously good players already. Teamwork is paramount… you don’t pass, you probably lose. And most people how no idea how to allow passing haha. You have to call for a pass for someone to be able to pass to you.

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