Anyone used a rollermouse before?
I’ve been thinking about getting one, for VR use. I have a trackball that works well enough, but I wanted something that was ambidextrous, so I thought a rollermouse would work, until I saw how big they are…
Then I stumbled across this mobile variant.

I ordered one and it showed up today…
I think this can work. Need to come up with a clever way of mounting it.


Looks interesting. I thought it was going to be something like this? :slight_smile:


I can picture it before me.
Ooookay… Troll finally went off his rocker, completely this time.



ROFLORM! Rolling on floor laughing over roller mouse


never heard about or saw something like that :slight_smile:

I guess you have heard about ambidextrous trackballs :trackball: :wink:


I haven’t, but thanks for the find…

Someone recently posted about the Kensington trackball they use and I was about to get one soon (next pension ‘payrise’ is this month)

These are ‘a bit more’ expensive, but a colleague at work used one (was integral with their keyboard) and I found they were more precise than a trackball. At least I now have options :slight_smile:

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Looks like there should be paper going in/coming out of there. :thinking:

Honestly have never seen one of those, I learned something today. Let us know how it works.

I’ve got a Kensington trackball mouse I use in my sim, it works okay but I’ve about worn out the left click button, in only a couple years of simming (and not every day, or week for that matter).

Someone had a small ‘presenter’ trackball designed to be held in the hand and used, I wondered if maybe that would work. My ideal solution for VR (where I basically only need to wiggle to get the cursor somewhere, then aim with my head and use the buttons/scroll) would be a touchpad integrated into an empty panel in the cockpit. Probably gonna try one of those at some point.

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And mice… :wink:
Yeah, but as I’m not ambidextrous myself, I need something that my :poop: for :brain: can use with my left :point_left: hand.
My reasoning is that it will be easier to operate the roller, since both axes are guided…?
I dunno… The roller isn’t self centering and I may end up fumbling around to find it? Maybe this won’t work at all? Well see :slight_smile:

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I have developed the muscle memory to be able to put my hand on the mouse with VR goggles on… I just need to swap that memory to my left hand as well so I don’t have to remove my right hand from the joystick (or swap hands temporarily). So I guess if you can put you hand on a mouse then self-centering shouldn’t be a big deal?

However now that I have given it second thoughts, does that Rollermouse have a scroll wheel/middle mouse button capability? My colleagues didn’t (i.e. it was a basic two button mouse).

I struggle with that, with my left hand. But I haven’t really been working on that either, as I haven’t mounted a mouse on the left side of my simpit.

Yes, it does. I totally covered that with my sausage fingers, in the picture.

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talking out of my own… perspective :slight_smile:
tried wired and also wireless; eventually didnt work for me.

I also came to conclusion that small touchpad integrated/glued directly to throttle quadrant would be the best solution.

X55/56 wanted to introduce small thumbstick to operate the mouse, not good.

but look at the Turtlebeach VelicityOne stick. these guys have integrated small touchpad into their joystick.

I would guess that there can be something enough small which can be put on the throttle somewhere.

but in the past I was able to source only some middle solution size wise. I mounted it on the side of my X56 throttle, still in the reach of my thumb.