Rolling "Last minute DCS Wingman" request thread (FIREHOUSE server)

Yay, @ENO! So glad to see you, bud! Where’s @WreckingCrew?! Let’s get the band together. You still remember how to hold formation?

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I remember how, but perhaps in the absence of the ability to do so I should probably stick to teaching (haha). I don’t know about crew- he holds formations in tanks now.

I remember all my indicators just need someone to practice with! I don’t currently have your guys’ TS3 set up… so I’ll go look for that and get that running. Perhaps if this takes off we can make a Firehouse room in there or if we have the ability to create temporary rooms (open while occupied- deleted when empty)

Any initial thoughts on whether I should just stick to 2.0 or are guys still enjoying the old fashioned 1.5 map?

Just found out there’s some tech issues with the range script in 1.5 so that may be reserved for 2.0.

We’re very discerning here at Mudspike.

To request TS access, you must find and complete the TeamSpeak 3 Access Request Form Form (TS3ARFF), and submit it to a qualified Teamspeak notary. After three to five weeks The TS3ARFF will be rejected or accepted. Upon acceptance, you will receive a copy of the Teamspeak request form, which you will submit to the TS3 Comptroller along with a five page essay expounding why you should receive this access. After a lengthy background and credit check, and an essay audit by that once english professor that’s not as cool as he thinks he is, but knows it and has a chip on his shoulder for it, a decision will be made with regards of whether to process the form or not. Qualification will be made regardless of data entered on the form, and solely determined by a high stakes game of Cards Against Humanity. After six months, you should hear back.

That, or, you know, check this page.


We do both. I’ve spent a lot more time in 1.5 than 2.0, but for nostalgia reasons more than anything. We’ve occasionally had adventures in Nevada, and it’d be nice to see some more use of that fantastic terrain.

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That’s all the reason I needed to look deeper into Nevada!


According to the last great Mudspike survey, atleast 70% of us own Nevada, so I’m sure it’s possible to find a wingman for that terrain!

Great idea, by the way :slight_smile:

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What happens in Vegas…


…ends up on COPS: Las Vegas.


I won’t be able to get in tonight- but tomorrow during most of the day I’ll be around. Anyone else?

Any favourite aircraft? Any desired flight plan just for touring around? Formation … AAR?

I had a little mini-freak while getting a new version of Nevada. I KNEW I’d purchased it since I’d built missions on it before. I only purchased the one copy and knew I was going to need another one… so I went and purchased one but couldn’t find the old one. Looked everywhere.

Then realized I purchased it on the server account- not my primary. Doh!

Anyway… all good to go.

Ahh, good to see, good to see Eno,

Host Nevada on Firehouse and I have the HAWK to fly in it. Looking forward to some co-op combat, with formation ingress of course :slight_smile: Thinking about the Gazelle… I want to fly my F-15, I want to fly it high.

The A-10C is my choice, and Combined Arms that I do enjoy.


Man, I’d love to jump into some of this - caught me at a bit of a hectic time though. I might be able to jump into some stuff this weekend - but it will have to be remotely with my laptop…so no jokes about how poorly I’m flying…!

What a great Idea! I’m often looking to do some flying - I’m mostly on EU evenings. I have DCS 1.5, Bf-109, Mig-15, Mig-21, Ka-50, A-10C


Simple radio ?

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Simple radio (and all the various modules that are available) are likely to be on a case by case basis. Which makes these kind of things difficult to design and build for. So many people have varied tastes and expectations that it is difficult to get missions together.


There is a large amount of multiplayer gaming experience in this paragraph.


Got the DCS v2 installed last night, big second download right now to install the modules. It is going to take a while.

Alright guys-

First kick at this. I’m in at about 10am MST. Going to be flying the hog- cold pit from Nellis. Going on a general scenic tour. First time in there in over a year.

Will set up US and Russian AAR.

I’ll monitor this thread for aircraft setup request.

My flight style is respectful- ie: I’m not a rigid procedure guy but I’m not a taxiway stuntman either. Let’s call it a “semi formal” style.

Anyway- I’ll be around most of the day… until about 3pm MST.

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I’m on TS now, @ENO. Where you at?

16 minutes in the future.

Also I’ll be around 1 ish MST (if my math is right).

Look at you and your high falutin’ mathy maths.