Rotate MD80 For X Plane

Its here!!! At least its in the store. $60 USD

EDIT: Or not. It was on the store for a brief minute.


That’s just cruel! LOL…

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Its out now!!! I promise!!!


Im currently trying to purchase the MD 80 but the .org store is having issues. I hope to have it and get in a flight tonight.

Finally got it. Great plane! Glad I waited a bit though. The plane comes default with 4k textures which was killing FPS for most people. To be fair rotate did recommend 2gb VRAM and 3gb VRAM for great performance.

Well they released a 2k texture pack for those with older systems. I have 1.2 gb VRAM so I was concerned with the 4k. I didnt even try to use the 4k but downloaded the 2k patch and flew my first flight. No issues what so ever!

Ill get an AAR up sometime, probably next weekend.

I will say the $60 price tag was a bit off putting but after flying it, I feel it was justified.


Can’t wait to read about it…! I’m buying 4 planes in the Carenado sale…so I might hold off on the MD-80 for a couple weeks and see if it goes on sale during Christmas (hopefully…but doubt it…)

Will love to read your impressions…


I bought the C208 with the MD80.

Also dont forget about the 767 too!!!

Too many planes at once.