Rudder pedals..?

Still running my original saitek pro flight pedals, bought them many many years ago and its still doing very well and precise.

Best bang for your buck of any item IMO (if you don’t require the best quality build materials). If these old pedals ever give up the ghost, and they are showing no signs yet, I will buy another pair.

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I don’t have em yet, but I do intend on getting them. Thanks to a post I read on Tapatalk from a guy who showed me the new meaning of “yabut”…anyone? Bueller?

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@sobek really likes his, i.e. Rudder pedals..? - #9 by sobek

I have the Saitek Pro Combat Rudder Pedals, my brother and my father also bought them (flying with them in FSX and DCSW). All three of us are pretty happy with them.
But I am ogling the Crosswinds as well. So great…

[quote=“fearlessfrog, post:20, topic:307, full:true”]@sobek really likes his, i.e. Rudder pedals..? - #9 by sobek

Most indeededly. No regrets.

Pertinent review here:

While you’re at it, any chance you can get your hands on that Fat Black Mamba stick? The base intrigues me. :wink:

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So I am about to finally pull the trigger on some pedals, was gonna go with the Saitek combat pedals… and of course, no it seems everyone is out of stock… in fact it looks like most every Saitek rudder pedal is out of stock everywhere… what the duece man!

I just looked and I can find some on Amazon.
The german Amazon though, not sure if they can send them to… Coruscant or where you might be :smiley:

how about Milan Flight Gear

Are those available again?
Last time I checked you had to wait some 6 months or so because they were out of stock and had too much requests.

Also, with the Canadian dollar the way it is, those are over 500 for me before shipping, I just cant justify spending that much :smile:

Found this on another site about Saitek stuff:

STOCK STATUS: Out of Stock. There is a massive, world-wide, back-order situation on all Saitek Pro Flight merchandise. All orders will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. Order now to reserve your spot in line. You will not be charged until the order ships and you can cancel at any time prior to shipment. Orders placed now are expected to be shipped in 6 to 12 weeks.

I have the Crosswinds and they are well… exquisite! They are completely adjustable and configurable. You can adjust spring tension, the fulcrum point of the spring anchor that will change the rate per inch of tension, the angle and width of the pedals themselves, the resistance of the toe brakes, and the centering cams that change how much centering force the pedals have. The craftsmanship and design are top shelf, the pivot points are all sealed ball bearing ( 17 in total I believe), and they use magnetic and Hall effect contactless sensors.

After using them for about a month now I can say that they were worth every penny and I couldn’t be happier with them. My buddy came over a few nights ago and flew a few DCS missions using the Crosswinds and wanted to borrow a sledge hammer to kill his Saitek pedals he uses at home! He has since ordered his own set. Which brings me to the only negative I could think of… wait time. You will have to get in line and wait at least a few months to receive them. The wait is/was painful, but I’d do it all over again if I needed another set of pedals. I believe the Slaw pedals are at the same level of quality but have no first hand experience with them. Best of luck with whichever ones you decide on.

Bit of a controller freak here my self and seriously considered those articulated pedals, they look so awesome but one point did strike my mind, unless your a Howard Hughes cleanliness type of freak they are going to accumulate muck and dust quite quickly, and god forbid if you have a household cat like mine, his hair seems to accumulate everywhere, he’s damn awesome though and no way is he going :smile: )

Anyway, did consider those pedals gave it serious thought, but at end of day had to settle with my two Saitek ones, have the original Saitek pro pedals pretty much from release day, that must be what 6 or 7 years ago now? still work perfectly, toe brakes of course, for my second and main flight sim PC have the newer Combat pedals from Saitek, the base bit seems to be exactly the same but the Combat pedals ship with a thin metal grooved sheet (not shown in my pic yet) that slots on to let a typical castor chair hook onto to stop your chair sliding about on a smooth floor and helps with more precise rudder movement.

One thing you need to do with any rudder pedals is lose the notch centring if it has that, it plays havoc with precise flying in helicopter sims and just everything really!, the Saitek pedals suffer from this … fortunately there is a mod that is applicable to all three models of Saitek pedals as the base units they share are exactly the same, the procedure to fix is here and its an easy 20 minute fix with just a thin hex screwdriver and needle nose pliers needed.

Dont worry, the pedals will center as before, but you lose the notch they have from stock that takes slight extra pressure to overcome and then compensate for if you are doing precise DCS Huey flying for example

Saitek pedal fix

A pic of my actual pedals, this is my new flight sim desk for two PC related and focused sims, still work in progress, stool for one sub woofer has already been replaced and most of the wiring tidied up now the USB desk top hubs are sorted, desk trim is on, my own sort of centre mount TM Warthog stick is 90 percent finished, this will be quickly swappable to both PC’s on same desk, lots more to do though, planning to give final reveal here when its all finished. and I’ve got a swappable sort of TM Warthog throttle desk holder ordered from Germany arriving soon… I’ll mention that in a bit.

And how about some small local productions? The price will be maybe doubled by the shipping expenses but maybe still better choice (tags: metal, hall) then the Saitek :wink:

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FWIW i have the saitek rudder peddals.

Had them longer than i remember.

Sure you can get higher quality components(metal etc.) but as far as bang for buck vs durability, i don’t think you can beat the saitek pro rudders.

Edit, didn’t reals i already posted… what a nana!

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I ordered the combat pedals, they are on back order, but least thats done lol.


hey all,

I am in the market for a good set of flight pedals. I found your site from a link to the article review of the VKB t-rudder MarkIII flight pedals.

I am not a flight simmer, but spend my game time with racing sims. I am interested into getting into some flightsims/space games. I did buy a ship in Star Citizen and Flight Simulator X steam edition when it was on sale last year. I found a used X52 HOTAS setup with the twistable stick but I seem to by very clumsy with the twist and that is why I am searching for a good set of flight pedals.

I started playing simracing games about 4 years ago with a cheap wheel and pedal set and after about a year I was not enjoying the games and almost gave it up. I decided to try some better gear and I bought a Fanatec CSW wheel and CSP V2 pedals. The better quality equipment vastly improved the immersion and gaming experience and turned me into a simracing addict! LOL So paying a bit more at the start is not a problem for me.

The review here for the VKB pedals is quite positive. How are the pedals holding up? Is the design and build still well regarded by pedal users here?


I’m extremely happy with the Mk III pedals that Stratojet provided. They’re compact and solid. The build is very open, but I have cats and hair/muck had not been any sort of issue.

The lack of toe brakes is a minor inconvenience for aircraft where that matters, but there’s a software work around for that.

As I concluded in my article, the pedals are on the pricey side, but worth it.