S.T.A.L.K.E.R 2

Excitement building this looks amazing.

Calling @Hangar200 join me at Pripyat please


Console Exclusive, insert expletive of choosing.



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Well… the Rookie Village in Cordon looks like it is a bit worse for the wear…not that it looked all great to begin with …definitely a “Fixer Upper”… but still… the word “dilapidated” comes to mind.

It does say that it will be available in Windows in VR so…

…just kidding, it didn’t say VR but it did say Windows! Be honest, how many of you went back to look? :rofl:

I’ll be with you @Victork2!

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Take it for what its worth but (fingers crossed) Playstation may be left out not PC.

My question is are any of the developers actually people who worked on the first games?

Or is this just a SINO release and the Metro series will feel more like it than this will?

BTW—why say “world premiere” but NOT “console launch exclusive”?

It’s for GamePass on Xbox and PC. There are plenty new fun stuff coming for GamePass all the time - FS2020, Halo Infinite, new Forza. I know what I’ll be playing later this year.

Meh. As a big STALKER fan, this is underwhelming and boring. If this trailer was to produce excitement, this produced opposite effect to me.

Thats interesting, I’m the opposite! Another chance to explore that world is welcome to me. Quite atmospheric music coupled with a few locations I recognised but changed in different ways, looks good to me. I’m happy its been announced. Can’t wait for more information

It seems to me they are using almost same engine as before. It just doesn’t look “modern”.

I’ve been recently playing a bit of Kingdom Come Deliverance (think Witcher 3 without magic or monsters) and that open world is mighty pretty. I kind of expected for new STALKER to do same.

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I agree. While I am certainly not against new areas to explore, I would like to revisit a couple of my “old hunting grounds” from SOC and BS and the City in COP.

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Must have missed the boat on this one. What is STALKER? Looks like a apocalypse game, or is it PUBG/Fortnite/Warzone remix?

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Its an open world, rpg set amidst the back drop of the accident at chernobyl. They cordon off the area (the zone) and its your job as a Stalker to explore the zone and collect the valuable artifacts and unlock the secrets at the centre of the zone.

Shadow of chernobyl is the first game. Its excellent. A bit clunky now (although can be modded) but its a great story and full of mystery and scary creatures. Very difficult combat at first and as you level up and become more badass the difficulty drops off but can still catch you out

The second game, Call of Pripyat is without any hyperbole one of the best games I’ve ever played. The gunplay, the story, the whole atmosphere is phenomenal. It actually scared me in places and I am going to play through it again as soon as I’ve finally get metal gear 5 completed and forgotten.

You really are missing out of you haven’t experienced them. @hanger200 is a huge fan as well.


Interesting. Thanks!

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I’ve just re-bought SOC as my old copy got lost on D2D selling to GameSomethingorother and then re-starting. I used to play the Misery mod, but wanted to give The Lost Alpha mod a go.

It’s on offer here for the price of a beer.

I never got COP, if it’s that good, the same site has it for beer and peanuts. :slightly_smiling_face:

“Ah nu chikki brikki iv danke” still sounds like “Hello chicky bricky, have donkey?” :rofl:

Heh, I hadn’t gotten around to watching the trailer.

Hells to the yeas! Console and windows PC exclusive!

It also has proper stalker atmosphere. Not shouty shooty bang bang, but strange rotten place full of hidden danger and a Geiger counter going grrrkkkk kk k.

I am very very much on board for this. Perhaps we can stalk in coop, that would be awesome.


You left out Clear Sky, which was the 2nd game but a prequel to the 1st. Pripyat was the 3rd. It wasn’t as good as the 1st but introduced some new game mechanics which were improved for the 3rd.

The games are based on a Russian book Roadside Picnic and a film called Stalker, too.

To be fair I forgot about it and I forgot about it as I don’t remember much about it as I wasn’t very pleased with the game. But yep, you are right.
SOC and COP are the best ones

Yeah, there was something about Clear Sky that was a little lesser than the others. Can’t put my finger on it, but I’ve only played it once on release. I played the original and the 3rd twice I think.

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