SA Page Symbology

I was playing around with the new SA page on the Hornet DDIs and managed to get all my ducks in a line and sneak up on an MiG-21Bis without having to use my radar until late in the engagement. Woo!

But! But, I was somewhat confused by the symbology - mostly because I forgot most of what Wags tried to tech me in his video here:

There is also this video from Spudknocker:


Flying on a mission with the Duma boys last night, while @near_blind, @klarsnow, and the rest of the millennial military industrial complex resident at MUDSPIKE were crunching neurons at a blistering pace, their fingers dancing on HOTAS and over DDI, chipwich stumbled along ham-fistedly trying to remember things like Master Arm on will allow things to come off of the jet, and oh crap the bad guys are shooting one, no two, no three SAMs at us. Somewhere in the second mission things began to come together a little better and I discovered how much the SA page is a game changer.

Being able to loiter outside the major threat circles, even if they are static ME objects, while the bad-asses completed their SEAD tasking was really a caveman logic level tactic that I could follow. Question, and I haven’t really RTFM for the SA, will they every be dynamically updated via data link or some other method? I’m beginning to grasp the necessity of rapid information sharing in the battlespace.


AFAIK that is static information preset before mission start.

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No. Those are pre-planned threat rings. Emphasis on pre-planned. There’s no satisfactory way to assure the destruction of a SAM unit, and no way to guarantee it’ll either stay there or stay dead. Likewise your RWR is far too coarse a sensor to geolocate an emitter with any degree of accuracy, so there’s no way outside flying a Rivet Joint or five around the battle-space to find a SAM in real time.

They’re placed during the mission planning process to give the pilot an idea of the last, best guess of a SAM batteries suspected location so they can visualize the air space. You should take them with a grain of salt, especially for units that can move.


I love that SA display so far, exactly for the reasons you said - circle bad. :slight_smile:

I am now imagining a Dr Evil DCS mission designer now just activating a SAM unit to drive left 15 miles on every mission.


For anyone still flying the hornet this week (har de har har), is it possible to remove the SAM threat rings from showing up on the SA page? Sometimes they are so tightly packed together you can’t even make out what’s happening with the aircraft in that area.

I don’t think the declutter SA / DCLTR is fully implemented as yet. The SAM rings are prebrief, so maybe come on the cartridge? Not sure. When we get the ability to ‘make a cartridge’ (which I think is planned) then it might be an option to include threat rings or the SAMs or not.