Saitek HOTAS

Hi All

I finally got my new HOTAS set up, but am having a little difficulty setting it up. I have an X-55 Rhino Stick, and an X-52 Pro throttle. Does anyone else run this set up? Both controlers work fine within their testing programs, In the BMS setup, I have 3 options, Keyboard, X-55, X-52, but can only select one at a time. The X-55 works as it should when selected, but the throttle is dead. The throttle works as it should when it’s selected, but the joystick is dead. Neither work when Keyboard is selected.

I don’t think it’s a hardware problem, as both work fine when plugged in within their separate SST programs, unless the throttle axis is mapped to one of the same axis as the stick. Has anyone else had this problem?

Make sure that you go to the Controllers → Advanced page to set up the individual axis. The main setup page only displays one controller at a time.

Thanks, you’re exactly right. I finally broke down and RTFM’ed (Hey, we’re MEN… we don’t RTFM or ask for directions ANYTIME…) If it doesn’t work the way we expect it to then it must be broken Right?

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