Saitek Pro Flight Switch Panel switches are not working properly

Just bought a used Saitek Pro Flight Switch Panel.
It is a cool piece of equipment and a lot of extra buttons which I can use while flying in VR.

However, 5 of the 13 switches are not working properly.
Some switches do not work at all and others flip allmost at random when another switch is flipped.

Changed USB ports, changed computers but still the same problem.
Have disabled USB powermanagement, still no good.

I opened the panel and checked the wiring which all seems to be OK.
When I connect the contacts from a non functioning switch it flips over (in the Saitek/Logitech test program) so the problem seems to be in the mechanical part of the switches.
Unfortunately the switches are closed boxes.

I have vacuumed the switches and use compressed air but so far no good…
Does anyone here recognise this behaviour?

Sounds like the switches need to be switched out, pardon my pun… :wink:

It could also be contact oxidation. You could try some de-oxidation fluid or WD-40. Spray it in there and work the switch. Let it dry out before you plug it in again.

It should be possible to find replacement rockerswitches though. Could you perhaps post some close up pictures and measurments of the switches?


If the PCB is still functioning correctly and you are sure the wiring is too then I would consider replacing them. I believe these are panel mount rocker switches which are easy to find on a variety of websites and ought to be relatively cheap.

Though it might be worth shooting em up with contact spray and see what happens.

I take it you tried to measure the continuity of the switches?

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@TheAlmightySnark, if I interpret his post correctly, it looks like he tried shorting the switch pins, and that made the circuit close and register in the software. That indicates wiring and PCB should be ok. Could be a bad solder, on thepins, of course, but I doubt it.
I googled the Logi Switch panel and it seems a lot of user have problem with the switches…

Thank you for your comments!
I will get some contact spray and see if that does the trick tomorrow.

Replacing the faulty switches is an option but that will probably end in replacing all 13 switches which will be a pain in the ass when it comes to resoldering the wires (me and the soldering iron are not best pals).
Beside that, it will be allmost a complete new buttonbox and I just bought this panel as an alternative to buying/building a buttonbox…

Using contactspray on all switches fixed the problems!
No more bad responses and no more interference from adjacent swithes.


AWesome! Glad to hear!

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